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Innatex: Network platform for green fashion brands

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

13.08.2018 Editor

The summer edition of the Innatex, International Trade Fair for Sustainable Textiles, recently came to an end. New was the network platform for green fashion brands and conventional retail.

Organic fashion: GOTS India Seminar 2018

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

18.05.2018 Editor

GOTS India Seminar 2018 is the third event in India organized by the Global Organic Textile Standard organisation (GOTS). Earlier events in Mumbai and New Delhi were highly appreciated by participants and industry informs the organiser. The main topic this time will be sustainability.

Oeko-Tex introduces GMO testing for organic cotton

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

30.04.2018 Editor

Organic cotton textiles that companies also want to have certified according to the international Oeko-Tex 100 textile standard will in future require proof that the cotton is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

GOTS: Anzahl zertifizierter Betriebe steigt um 8,2 Prozent

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

16.03.2018 Redaktion

Die Zahl der GOTS-zertifizierten Einrichtungen ist um 8,2% gestiegen, von 4.642 Einrichtungen im Jahr 2016 auf 5.024 Einrichtungen im Jahr 2017.

GOTS certified facilities increase 8,2% in 2017

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

15.03.2018 Editor

The number of facilities certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS shows an increase of 8,2% to 5,024 facilities in 2017. GOTS certified facilities are located in 62 countries around the world. 

42nd Innatex: focus on fair shoes

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

02.02.2018 Editor

The 42nd Innatex in Hofheim-Wallau was focused on the shoe industry. The program of the green fashion fair was rounded by many lectures concerning the main topic as well as a blogger meeting.

Green fashion fair: 42nd Innatex with 4th blogger meeting

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

15.01.2018 Editor

Only two days after the Berlin Fashion Week, Muveo GmbH invites interested parties to the international natural textiles fair Innatex from 20 to 22 January 2018 at the Messecenter Rhein-Main in Hofheim-Wallau.

GOTS: Christopher Stopes appointed as Representative to the EU

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

12.01.2018 Editor

GOTS has placed an increasing focus on European regulatory and policy issues with the objective to work towards a position where the fibre production, processing, manufacture and labelling of intermediate and final textile products.

GOTS: GMO testing method project conceptualised

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

03.01.2018 Editor

According to the GOTS newsletter the Global Organic Textile Standad organisation determined through a limited round-robin exercise that test results for GMO presence showed inconsistency and were unreliable in cotton fibre In 2016.

Apparel: sustainability by circularity

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

28.12.2017 Editor

There are many publications on circular business models and commitments to circular economy, but only a few apparel brands/retailers or upstream suppliers are re-designing their business towards circularity. This phenomenon is what C&A Foundation has identified as the “Implementation Gap”.

Study „Failed promises - the rise and fall of GM cotton in India

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

17.10.2017 Editor

The Soil Association’s recent report about GM cotton in India was launched at the Textile Exchange sustainability Conference in Washington DC last week. 

India: GMOs in GOTS-certified organic cotton

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

11.10.2017 Editor

With GMO cotton first having been grown in India in 2002, its share of all cotton is now well over 90 percent. Now, the Swiss magazine Saldo has carried out research in India and has had GOTS-certified organic yarn tested. A German laboratory revealed a high level of GMO contamination.

Pesticide-Free Cotton in Ethiopia

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

19.06.2017 Editor

Tadesse Amera, Director of PAN Ethiopia, reports that since 2013 they have been working to support cotton farmers in Southern Ethiopia to adopt safer and more sustainable methods of growing pesticide-free cotton.

Organic textiles: big brands commit to sustainable cotton

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

16.06.2017 Editor

Thirteen of the world's biggest clothing and textile brands have committed to using 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.


Goa: Vom Hippie-Mekka zum Bio-Hotspot

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

24.05.2017 Redaktion

Goldene Strände, entspanntes Lebenstempo: Als paradiesisches Urlaubsziel ist Goa weltweit bekannt. Doch auch in Sachen gesunde Ernährung hat sich der kleinste unter den indischen Bundesstaaten zum Hotspot entwickelt. Nicht zuletzt dank seiner multi-kulturellen Bevölkerung ist das einstige Hippie-Mekka heute Heimat einer lebendigen Bio-Gemeinde.

Goa Organic

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

04.04.2017 Editor

Goa’s melting-pot, culturally diverse population and ‘Popular Vacation Destination’ status have made it home to an ebullient organic community. Its golden beaches, verdant landscape, and languid pace serve as a befitting backdrop to the many organic and eco friendly enterprises that are being promoted by residents—mostly expats. From organic restaurants to organic textile boutiques, organic groceries and even an organic urban farming initiative, the state has plenty to offer on the organic spectrum. First published in Pure & Eco India,

Version 5.0 of Global Organic Textile Standard released

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

16.03.2017 Editor

The new version of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) contains stricter criteria for regenerated fibres & category "Combined Products" as well as further social criteria.

Organic cotton from India designed in New York

Product ranges Eco-Textiles


The organic enterprise Suminter India Organics® runs a fair trade organic cotton project with 5,500 farmers in the state of Gujarat, India. The cotton is the raw material for Satva Atheleisurewear - watch the video interview. 

Organic textiles: 50 companies certified to GOTS in the U.S.

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

14.12.2016 Editor

Ramblers Way Farm, Inc. of Kennebunk, Maine, manufacturer of garments made from GOTS certified organic wool, has become the fiftieth company to be added to the GOTS public database for the United States.

Bangladesh: first national GOTS seminar highly successful

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

05.12.2016 Editor

Participants from whole organic textile supply chain deliberated on the business case for sustainability with organic textiles. Brands committed to increase their share of GOTS certified textiles.

How Switzerland invests in organic farming in Central Asia

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

17.10.2016 Editor

Jalal-Abad, a major city located in the western part of Kyrgyzstan, close to the Uzbek border, held a forum on organic products within the BioCotton project.

Global Organic Textile Standard Revision 5.0

Product ranges Eco-Textiles

11.06.2016 Editor

The revision process of GOTS Version 4.0 has commenced announced the Certifiers Council meeting in February 2016, a first revision draft for GOTS Version 5.0 has now been released to stakeholders for their inputs and comments.

Natural and organic cosmetics in Germany: again double-digit growth in 2015

Product ranges Eco-Textiles


In all probability 2015 will be the year when the natural cosmetics sector will again experience double-digit growth in turnover. That was one of the results at the 8th Natural&Organic Cosmetics Conference on 6 and 7 October in Berlin.

First International GOTS conference highly successful

Product ranges Eco-Textiles


The flagship event by GOTS in Mumbai, India on 22  May 2015 was attended by more than 250 delegates.

True costs of the fashion industry

Product ranges Eco-Textiles


While clothing prices hit rock bottom, the human and environmental costs are sky rocketing in the multi-trillion dollar fashion industry.

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