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Largest U.S. Organic Farming Event Sets Attendance Record

International_EN North America

08.03.2016 Redaktion

More than 3,600 people attended the 27th MOSES Organic Farming Conference on the last February week in La Crosse, WI.

Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide ingredient Glyphosate and its coincidences

International_EN North America

01.03.2016 Editor

A growing number of lawsuits alleging that Monsanto long knew that Roundup’s glyphosate could harm human health.

Consumer ask for transparency

International_EN North America

25.02.2016 Editor

Food stickers may say “Mexico” or “Colombia,” but those are big places, and labels like this don’t give much insight, says The Tech Crunch.

Ronnie Cummins talks about Organic 3.0

International_EN North America


Ronnie Cummins,  co-founder and International Director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) visited BioFach Vivaness trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany for the first time. A video Intenview.


Aldi's new organic selection is challenging Whole Foods

International_EN North America

05.02.2016 Editor

The German Aldi supermarket chain, which has 1,500 stores in the U.S., is becoming a bigger challenge to organic supermarkets as it expands its selection.

Demand for organic beverages growing

International_EN North America

03.02.2016 Editor

According to market intelligence company Euromonitor, the off-trade current value sales of organic beverages in the United States grew by 4% in 2014.

Organic Valley reached $1 billion in sales for 2015

International_EN North America

02.02.2016 Editor

Organic Valley’s family of businesses have reached $1 billion in sales for 2015. The cooperative increased sales from $972 million in 2014.

Giant food corporations are controlling US-food supply

International_EN North America

23.01.2016 Editor

The giant multibillion dollar agribusinesses are destroying the local and organic farms in America and replacing a huge portion of our food supply with factory farms that are based outside this country.


PAN, Anti-chemical group rejects most modern farm technology

International_EN North America

22.01.2016 Editor

Pesticide Action Network North America (PAN North America), founded in 1984 in Oakland, California, is part of an international coalition of around 600 NGOs, citizens’ groups, and individuals in about 90 countries.

Implications of COP21 to Sustainable Foods

International_EN North America

19.01.2016 Editor

The world climate summit has highlighted the need to reduce greenhouse gases in the food industry.

Organic Seed Alliance of 2016

International_EN North America

18.01.2016 Editor

The largest organic seed event in the U.S. will take place from the 4th to the 6th of February 2016 in Corvallis Oregon.

Improvements in the organic food world for 2015

International_EN North America

12.01.2016 Editor

2015 was a big year for the U.S. organic sector, explains Natural Products Insider.

The United States largest organic farming conference of 2016

International_EN North America

11.01.2016 Editor

MOSES Organic Farming Conference, organized by the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES), is the country's largest conference about organic and sustainable agriculture.

New acquisition for the organic company Hain Celestial Group Inc.

International_EN North America

07.01.2016 Editor

The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. announced the acquisition by Hain Celestial United Kingdom.

Monsanto providing for “scientific” research

International_EN North America

06.01.2016 Editor

Documents released in a freedom of information request by US Right to Know (USRTK) shed light into the increasingly nasty and divisive public relations war over GMOs.

Healthy development in the global organic market

International_EN North America

06.10.2015 Kai Kreuzer

Organic is continuing on its successful path and the global market is developing positively. BioFach has analysed the development of major organic markets in Europe and North America.


Rodale Institute: organic has many advantages

International_EN North America

30.06.2015 Redaktion

After 30 years of side-by-side research in a Farming Systems Trial (FST)®, Rodale Institute has demonstrated that organic farming is better equipped to feed us now and in future.

Organic retailer successful with social media

International_EN North America

29.06.2015 Redaktion

Retailers are often thinking if they should enter the market via social media. Answers to many questions were given in the Social Workshop at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago beginning June.

General Mills invests in Canadian Grain Initiative

International_EN North America

29.06.2015 Redaktion

General Mills is investing $50,000 (44.000 Euros) to support the Canada-based Prairie Organic Grain Initiative (POGI). This is a multi-year program aimed at building resiliency and stability in the organic field crop sector while increasing the quantity and quality of organic field crops in Canada.

USA: promotion plan for marketing organic products?

International_EN North America

25.06.2015 Redaktion

General questions about a new marketing promotion programme for US companies were discussed during workshop at United Fresh 2015 (

USA: national GMO labelling initiative in discussion

International_EN North America

25.06.2015 Redaktion

Across America a political battle is raging over proposed state laws mandating the labelling of genetically modified food.

Pairing beekeepers with organic farms

International_EN North America

24.06.2015 Redaktion

More than 100 organic farmers have offered use of their land to commercial beekeepers, as part of a new program facilitated by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Organic Farmers against Whole Foods’ New Rating System

International_EN North America

23.06.2015 Redaktion

Five organic farmers gave Whole Food’s co-CEO John Mackey a statement concerning the company’s new production rating system. Whole Foods has long used scales, like their numerical 1-5 meat ratings, to help consumers find the ideal point where price meets ethics.

Organic Farming Comes To Virgin Islands

International_EN North America

23.06.2015 Redaktion

In the middle of a rainforest in St. Croix, you can see just how far the organic farming movement has spread. Here, 1200 miles from U.S. mainland, is Ridge to Reef Farm.

White House urged to put organic in pollinator policy

International_EN North America


The Organic Trade Association has called on the White House to officially recognize organic farming practices as beneficial to the health of honey bees and other pollinators.

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