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Organic-food competition hurts sales

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12.08.2016 Editor

Whole Foods dominated the American market for organic food for a long time. Now, companies like Kroger  and Wal-Mart have increased their range of organic products drastically.

USA: organic farmers criticise corporation-dominated organic umbrella organization

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21.07.2016 Editor

The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) has withdrawn from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and severly criticised the position it adopted in the dispute about GMO labelling in the USA.

Danone buys WhiteWave

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08.07.2016 Leo Frühschütz

The food corporation Danone intends to take over the US American manufacturer WhiteWave. Both companies expect the sale to be concluded by the end of the year, provided they have the agreement of the authorities.

Male chick killing could end

International_EN North America

05.07.2016 Editor

Millions of male chicks are killed in egg production every year, since they can't lay eggs and aren't used for meat, according to CBC News.

2.6 million dead bees make stinging point about pesticides

International_EN North America

04.07.2016 Editor

A truck loaded with 2.6 million dead bees made its final stop earlier this month on the 22nd of June at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in downtown Washington, said First Post.

First fair trade certified line of organic cotton

International_EN North America

04.07.2016 Editor

Pact Organic, makers of premium organic and Fair Trade Certified basics, announced its launch in 460 participating Target locations across the United States, according to PR News Wire

Whole Foods gets a warning for “seriously violations”

International_EN North America

23.06.2016 Editor

The Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to Whole Foods co-CEOs John Mackey and Walter Robb about what the FDA called "serious violations" it found after inspecting a Whole Foods food preparation facility in Massachusetts.

US organic market achieves new record high

International_EN North America

07.06.2016 Kai Kreuzer

In 2015, the market for organic products in the United States reached a new peak of  US$43.3bn (€39.6bn). This figure was revealed in an investigation by the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the US American manufacturers' association that carried out the study in collaboration with the Nutrition Business Journal in the first quarter of 2016.

Organic agriculture more resistent to drought

International_EN North America

06.06.2016 Editor

Since 1981, the Rodale Institute, America’s oldest organic research institute, has conducted North America’s longest side-by-side farming systems trial.

Great May march against Monsanto

International_EN North America

31.05.2016 Editor

In response to Monsanto’s GMO activities, March Against Monsanto’s main peaceful protest of GMOs in the global agricultural industry is an annual march, held in multiple cities globally.

USDA invested 1 billion into organic sector

International_EN North America

24.05.2016 Editor

Statistics of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) show that the US retail market for organic products is steadily growing an reached $39 billion last year.

USA: First World Fairtrade Challenge campaign

International_EN North America

19.05.2016 Editor

This year, the Bolivian Embassy highlighted Fairtrade organic coffee grown by small-scale Fairtrade coffee farmers during the Open Day of the embassies in Washington DC that attracted over 30,000 visitors.

Whole Foods Market’s 365 store expanding in California

International_EN North America

19.05.2016 Editor

Whole Foods Market is opening its first 365 store in Los Angeles on the 25th of May, ushering in a new lower-priced concept designed to attract new shoppers.

Wal-Mart changing its organic sales strategy

International_EN North America

17.05.2016 Editor

Overall, Wal-Mart has been battling slow-growing sales and a shift to online shopping. It recently closed more than 150 U.S. stores.

Exclusive organic distribution agreement for the U.S. Market

International_EN North America

11.05.2016 Editor

Organto Foods Inc. has joined forces with Fairtrasa, a Swiss based, leading producer of organic, fair trade products from small-scale farmers in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

Modified mushrooms not considered as GMO

International_EN North America

10.05.2016 Editor

The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulators pondered an outwardly unremarkable mushroom for two and a half years before they decided its GMO status earlier this month.

Banned in Europe but widely used in the U.S.

International_EN North America

04.05.2016 Editor

The European Union just banned two agricultural weed killers linked to infertility, reproductive problems and fetal development, which is the first-ever EU ban on endocrine-disrupting pesticides.

Attack on Vermont's GMO labeling law!

International_EN North America

26.04.2016 Editor

Under pressure from Monsanto and Big Food lobbyists, Vermont lawmakers are weighing a rider to the state budget bill that would let food companies off the hook for complying with Vermont’s GMO labeling law until January 1, 2018.

USDA: Protecting organic integrity through enforcement

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25.04.2016 Editor

The mission of the National Organic Program (NOP) is to protect the integrity of the USDA organic seal. In FY 2015, enforcement activities resulted in 13 settlement agreements and civil penalties in excess of $1.8 million. 

Despite record growth, there’s still too little organic food

International_EN North America

22.04.2016 Editor

According to new data released this week by the Department of Agriculture, the number of certified organic farms and operations in the United States surged by almost 12 percent from 2014 to 2015.

Wine, organic pact between the EU and Canada

International_EN North America

14.04.2016 Editor

Canada’s Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan confirmed the expansion of scope for the EU-Canada Organic Equivalence Arrangement (EUCOEA).

Leading experts to speak at upcoming Food Tank Summit

International_EN North America

30.03.2016 Editor

Food Tank, in partnership with American University, will hold a two-day summit, Wednesday, starting the 20th of April to Thursday the 21st April 2016.

Successful Natural Products Expo West

International_EN North America

30.03.2016 Editor

What are the next top products and trends in the natural and organic sector? 77,000 people came together to answer that very question in Anaheim, California.

Record attendance at the Organic Center’s Annual Benefit Dinner

International_EN North America

23.03.2016 Editor

A record-setting crowd of more than 650 organic visionaries, activists, and business executives gathered enthusiastically earlier this month in Anaheim, California, at The Organic Center's Annual Benefit Dinner.

America’s first Organic Fast Food expands

International_EN North America

17.03.2016 Editor

Just five months after opening its first shop in Pleasanton, the Organic Coup — which touts itself as America’s very first USDA-certified fast food restaurant — is aiming to open a San Francisco outpost later this month.

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