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A positive outcome for BioFach America

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16.11.2016 Editor

End of September the organic theme was at the centre of everything going on in the Baltimore Convention Center that was host to BioFach America. More than 28,000 international visitors came to the east coast of America.

Kroger wants to buy Whole Food Market

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11.11.2016 Editor

Kroger is seriously considering a takeover of Whole Foods Market powered the stock in both companies. Kroger is an American retailer founded in 1883 in Ohio. It is the country's largest supermarket chain by revenue.

Natural Cosmetics Conference focuses on trends and the future

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On 27 and 28 September around 240 actors in all aspects of the cosmetics industry met at the Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin. For the ninth time the participants from manufacturing and trade and service providers, plus representatives from the specialist press, sought information on the latest developments and trends. The spectrum of topics ranged from online trade, digitisation, change in values and communication to consumer transparency and the controversial raw material palm oil. An examination of the US market was interesting for companies intending to market their products in the USA.

Nestle with GMO free pasta in future?

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02.11.2016 Editor

The US pasta and sauce brand Buitoni which is owned by Nestle announced to remove GM ingredients. The move was part of an ongoing effort to provide customers with good quality products they can trust, the company explains.

Multinationals increase their sustainability

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31.10.2016 Editor

The acquisition of green industries is on the rise since years. After the French based cosmetics company L’Oréal bought environmentally orientated brands like The Body Shop and Sanoflore, Unilever is also following this trend. 

Agriculture research to prevail harming organic dung

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26.10.2016 Editor

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), announced end of September, that they would give a $2 million grant to university research teams and U.S. agricultural departments.

Tribunal gathers evidence of Monsanto´s ecocide

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The Monsanto Tribunal was held in the middle of October in The Hague. A panel of five prestigious judges listened to witnesses from all over the world. Lawyers, farmers, mothers, health experts and scientists made serious accusations against the American chemicals and seed corporation Monsanto. The aim is to incorporate ecocide into international law. The People´s Assembly, that was held in parallel to the Tribunal, has already  “condemned“ Monsanto (watch the videos). More reports from The Hague.

Agroforestry: new findings by the University of Illinois

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22.10.2016 Editor

Researchers at the University of Illinois have warned about hasty farming. Over 30 percent of the global land area is used for food production. A lot of sacrifices are made in the process, deforestation being one main issue.

Bayer-Monsanto and the Concerned Organizations

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20.10.2016 Editor

The Bayer-Monsanto deal has many people worried worldwide. Over 780,000 signatures were submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice in order to warn elected officials about the threat that this company merger could pose to worldwide agriculture.

High presence of Glyphosate in U.S. products

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14.10.2016 Editor

According to a recent study, glyphosate in American bee honey is twice as high as the EU regulations allow. Even in organic honey.

How brands implement non-GMO standards

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13.10.2016 Editor

Since there are currently no federal government regulations that quantify the levels of GMOs or that require the labeling of foods containing GMOs in the United States, Hain Celestial  has participated in the Non-GMO Project (“NGP”).

Too dangerous for the hands but not the mouth!

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12.10.2016 Editor

Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent found in consumer products and surgical cleaning treatments. Its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent, the risk of antimicrobial resistance, and its possible role in disrupted hormonal development remain controversial.

Supporting organic through transitional food

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10.10.2016 Editor

The main issue for a farmer during the transitional period is that the land will be farmed according to the organic rules, so at a higher cost, but the harvest is sold at the conventional price. A new concept of “certified transitional” is about to emerge.

Europe’s biggest trade agreement reaches its most crucial point

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07.10.2016 Editor

The process has been mostly marked by strong resistance by the people. Austria, Belgium, Germany and France have had the biggest anti-CETA/TTIP movements.

Organic farming: irregular growth pattern in the USA

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06.10.2016 Editor

Organic farming has kept growing steadily in the last few years, reaching $6.2 billion in sales value of certified organic products in 2015, which is 13% higher than the previous year. The 12,818 organic certified farms are unevenly spread across the country.


Danone buys Alpro

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04.10.2016 Natascha Becker

The food corporation Danone wants a friendly take over of the US American manufacturer WhiteWave . Both companies expect the sale to be concluded by the end of the year, provided they have the agreement of the authorities.

US Senate overrides stringent GMO labelling

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28.09.2016 Editor

The US Senate has, with 63 votes to 30, voted for a law prescribing standard labelling nationwide for genetically modified foods. This means that the stricter labelling rules of individual states like Vermont are nullified.

Takeover of Syngenta: resistance in the USA

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23.09.2016 Editor

ChemChina wants to take over the Basel agribusiness Syngenta for US$43bn. According to a report by the Swiss Landwirtschaftliche Informationsdienst (Lid) opposition to the takeover is building in the  USA.

Jumbo merger: takeover of Monsanto by Bayer

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15.09.2016 Leo Frühschütz

The German chemicals corporation Bayer has announced  the friendly take-over of its US competitor Monsanto. Bayer is paying Monsanto shareholders US$128  per share - a premium of 44 % on the quoted price.

US Aquaculture Standards still in Progress

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08.09.2016 Redaktion

One year ago, the US Agriculture Department introduced a plan for organic aquaculture standards. Now the White House Office of Management and Budget has calculated that it will presumably take double time to pass the standard.

McDonald’s goes Cage Free

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31.08.2016 Redaktion

50% of the whole McDonald’s menu consists of chicken and eggs. Steve Easterbrook, CEO at McDonald’s has now launched a 10-year plan to switch the whole production from caged to free-range hens.

$4.1 Million Loss for Organic Food Company SunOpta

International_EN North America

23.08.2016 Redaktion

Organic food company SunOpta reported a loss of $4.1 million for the second quarter of the year.

America's Organic Fruit and Vegetable Market better than ever

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22.08.2016 Redaktion

Americans are buying more organic fruits and vegetables than ever. According to The Produce News, sales have increased by more than 25 percent since 2011.

Aldi becoming a threat to Whole Foods

International_EN North America

17.08.2016 Redaktion

Just recently, Aldi announced they would ban Neonicotinoids. However, they are going a step further by going organic too.

General Mills in dairy deal with Organic Valley

International_EN North America

16.08.2016 Redaktion

General Mills announced a new partnership with Organic Valley that will help 20 dairy farms add 3,000 acres of organic production over the next three years.

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