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EU lawyer: Genome Editing can be exempted from GMO directive

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22.01.2018 Editor

According to Advocate General Bobek, organisms obtained by mutagenesis are, in principle, exempted from
the obligations in the Genetically Modified Organisms Directive.

GOTS: Christopher Stopes appointed as Representative to the EU

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12.01.2018 Editor

GOTS has placed an increasing focus on European regulatory and policy issues with the objective to work towards a position where the fibre production, processing, manufacture and labelling of intermediate and final textile products.

The European Glyphosate battle

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08.01.2018 Editor

The European permit for the world's best-selling herbicide glyphosate was set to expire in December 2017. The EU Commission´s proposal to renew it for another 15 years caused a storm of protest. In a review of the last year the Monsanto Tribunal organisation reports about this European battle.

Monsanto Tribunal: review 2017

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05.01.2018 Editor

2017 has been the year of a great and ever growing opposition to Monsanto and the poison companies that try to control our food system. The legal opinion of the Monsanto Tribunal was a highlight, says the Tribunal newsletter in its review.

Testbiotech accuses companies of manipulating GMO risk assessment

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29.12.2017 Editor

According to a Testbiotech analysis, there are clear indications that the companies Dow and Bayer manipulated the data for risk assessment of their genetically engineered soybeans. The claim is based on analysis of the data presented by the companies for risk assessment in the EU.

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit: Key Industry Concerns

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26.12.2017 Editor

Some of the pressing sustainability issues facing the cleaning products industry were discussed at the 4th edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit, hosted in Paris last month.

IFOAM EU Conference: Digital opportunities for organic processors

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21.12.2017 Editor

The 5th Organic Processing Conference
 in Zwolle/Netherlands on 16th and 17th January 2018 will have the theme "Improving Organics: Making It Happen – Digital opportunities for organic processors


EU: battle over pesticide safety escalates 

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18.12.2017 Editor

The European Commission has announced it is prolonging the licence of glyphosate by five years. But in reaction to the massive protests the Commission also promised to present a legislative proposal in 2018 covering transparency of studies used in the assessment of pesticides and the governance of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

EU: dramatic insect decrease requires a complete and comprehensive ban

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14.12.2017 Editor

This Tuesday, the competent expert committee of the EU member states in Brussels voted proposals of the European Commission for the ban on the three neonicotinoids imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam.

CAP: IFOAM EU Board member Jan Plagge re-elected

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13.12.2017 Editor

Jan Plagge remains Deputy Chairman of the EU Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The president of Bioland and vice-president of the IFOAM EU Group (International Federation of Organic Agriculture).

Iris Bio – Passion for Pasta

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The mission is: Working for our planet. And to produce the best organic pasta from grains supplied by organic farmers from all over Italy, who belong to the cooperative Astra Bio. For 40 years now, organic pioneer Maurizio Gritta is the driving force behind the company. Convinced by the idea that there is an alternative to the common economic model, he has established the Italian company. Now, he plans to bring the brand Iris Bio to the German specialist trade’s shelves. Watch the Video.

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Europe: Major Outcomes

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12.12.2017 Editor

About 140 senior executives from the beauty industry convened in Paris for the European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit last month. Discussions over the three days centered on green formulations, sustainable sourcing, social impacts, and sustainable fragrances.

Glyphosate: majority of MEPs for Commission decision to be annulled? 

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08.12.2017 Editor

The Greens/EFA group will try to build a majority in the European Parliament to refer the European Commission’s decision to renew the licence for glyphosate to the European Court of Justice.

EU: call for Special Committee on authorisation process of pesticides

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07.12.2017 Editor

At yesterday's Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament, the Greens/EFA group will call for the establishment of a special committee to investigate the handling of the assessment process for pesticides.

BioFach 2018: the "next organic generation"

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04.12.2017 Editor

According to the motto "Next Generation", the world’s leading trade fair for organic food products BioFach in Nuremberg opens its doors from 14th – 17th February 2018 for professional visitors working in the organic sector.

Sweden: KRAV considers to withdraw from EU Organic Regulation

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01.12.2017 Editor

KRAV the leading Swedish certification body recently discussed its future direction. During a meeting with stakeholders the certification body also considered to withdrawing from the EU Organic Regulation.

Breaking: EU renews glyphosate licence for five years

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It´s hardly to believe! Germany voted yes for a five years renewal for the weedkiller glyphosate - this ensured the qualified majority for the approval.While massive protests took place the member states disregarded the citizens requirements. 


Brazil: Natura finalizes The Body Shop deal

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24.11.2017 Editor

Natura Cosmeticos, the Brazilian leader in the cosmetics industry has finalized the acquisition of The Body Shop from French group L’Oréal after achieving permission by the competition watchdogs.

Study: Major changes needed if CAP is to be made fit for purpose

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24.11.2017 Editor

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is not fit for purpose, according to a new study co-commissioned by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament.

EU Organic Regulation: strong institutional commitment needed

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23.11.2017 Editor

The trilogue agreement for a new organic regulation reached last June was adopted by the Special Committee on Agriculture on Monday and by the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture yesterday.

EU Organic Regulations confirmed

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21.11.2017 Editor

On 20 November 2017 member states represented in the Special Committee on Agriculture (SCA) endorsed the deal on the overhaul of existing rules on organic production and labelling of organic products.

Taifun: 30 years of tofu – everything revolves round the soya bean

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©Taifun 3 is the preliminary name of the newly developed soya variety. It is suited to growing in the European climate. Like other varieties, with which the Freiburg tofu specialist manufactures its products, it is the result of years of research in cooperation the University of  Hohenheim. During its 30-year history Taifun has never stood still and has long since become the market leader for organic tofu in Europe. In its big new building, that has created space for expansion and to meet the growing demand from home and abroad, tofu from 100% European soya beans is now coming off the production line (Video).

PAN Europe: the European Court’s chance to revolutionize EU pesticide policy

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21.11.2017 Editor

In October, the European Court of Justice received four prejudicial questions related to the lack of reliability of the current pesticide risk assessment of EU by the French tribunal of Foix. As the debate about glyphosate raises identical issues, this is a prevailing problematic. According to PAN Europe, there’s a chance that the safety of citizens and the environment within the EU gets improved as a result of the European Court’s answers to the questions.

Denmark: catering and off-trade sales at least 30% organic

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20.11.2017 Editor

At a dialogue event in Hamburg, organized by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the consultancy a’verdis, about 60 participants learned that in Denmark, the off-trade catering market has become the most important grow engine for organic food. In line with the event’s main focus, Kenneth Højgaard, Carmen I. Calverley and Bente Sloth gave an overview of the Danish off-trade catering market.

Glyphosate: no majority for a license-renewal

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10.11.2017 Editor

Yesterday, the EU expert committee held a meeting in Brussels in order to vote on the five-year re-authorization of the herbicide glyphosate within the EU. Even after yesterday’s referendum in the lasting debate about the renewal of the pesticide’s approval, there hasn’t been a qualified majority. The committee voted neither for nor against the European Commission’s five-years-proposal.

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