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Poland: Warsaw University offers studies "Organic Agriculture and Food Production”

Europe Poland

21.06.2018 Editor

The Faculty of Agriculture and Biology at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), will launch the new international studies "Organic Agriculture and Food Production (OAFP).”

Poland: The Charter for Real Food and Farming

Europe Poland

28.06.2017 Editor

On June 13th 2017, a group of determined individuals came together to support "The Charter for Real Food and Farming", whose special launch took place in the  President's Palace, in Warsaw (Belweder).

Poland: new food act comes into parliament

Europe Poland

21.10.2016 Editor

The ICPPC - International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside worked hard to get a New Food Act, which support small farmers to be discussed on a political level.

Poland: new store concepts with bistro

Europe Poland

21.04.2015 Kai Kreuzer

Poland’s biggest wholefood retailer, the Organic Farma Zdrowia Group, increased turnover in 2014 by 25 %, which equates to a 25 % rise in value from 52 million zloty (12.5 million euros) to over 65 million zloty (15.1 million euros). By implementing a franchise system, the company’s aim is to be operating 100 specialist wholefood stores avross the whole of Poland by the end of 2017.

Organic growth continues on the global level

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The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BioFach fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The global organic market increased to 72 billion US Dollars, organic agricultural land worldwide is 43 million hectares.

Poland: New stores, more organic farmers

Europe Poland

08.01.2015 Kai Kreuzer

€143m - €155m (PLN600m - PLN650m) - this is the estimated value of the present Polish organic food market.

The organic year 2014: markets, trade fairs, politics and trends

Europe Poland

22.12.2014 Redaktion

Have a look with us at the most important events and organic issues of 2014 in the German and international organic industry.

Organic fairs and meetings around the world

Europe Poland

28.01.2013 Redaktion
In 2013, important fairs around organics will take place again around the world.

Natural cosmetics advancing in Poland

Europe Poland

26.03.2012 Redaktion
The Polish market for organic cosmetics is growing fast from a low level.

Natural Cosmetics forging ahead in Eastern Europe

Europe Poland

15.03.2012 Redaktion
The natural cosmetics market worldwide has grown dynamically in recent years

Poland delighted with continuing growth

Europe Poland

28.06.2010 Redaktion
Precise data on the size of the organic market in Poland do not exist

EU subsidies: millions for doing nothing

Europe Poland

07.06.2010 Redaktion
The EU spends around 50 billion euros a year on agricultural subsidies

Successful conclusion to 5. Organic Marketing Forum in Warsaw

Europe Poland

18.05.2010 Redaktion
The international conference on processing and marketing organic products and raw materials in Warsaw was a great success.

Poland: Golden Cross of Merit for organic operators

Europe Poland

09.10.2009 Redaktion

Polish farmers receive the Golden Cross of Merit from the President

Poland: supermarket group drives up organic turnover

Europe Poland

26.02.2008 Redaktion
The Polish retail chain Spolem operates 20 stores in Warsaw called Sezam

Poland: franchise concept for wholefood stores

Europe Poland

23.11.2007 Redaktion
A franchise concept is getting off the ground in Poland called Yellow Emperor

The Organic Food Market in Poland Is Taking Off

Europe Poland

08.09.2006 Redaktion

The boom in organic food in Western Europe has been going on for more than ten years with hardly any interruption. 

Poland: Organic Manufacturers Conquer New Markets

Europe Poland

17.02.2006 Redaktion

There are already a few well known organic manufacturers who produce both for the home market and export.

Poland: Exemplary Private University Implements Organic Training

Europe Poland

15.02.2006 Redaktion

“Protecting the environment in Poland is a popular subject that is offered at various universities,” explains Barbara Kowalkowska, who founded the private university in Bromberg (Bydgoszcz).

Organic Agriculture in Poland: Alternative Income Through Extensive Land-use

Europe Poland

13.02.2006 Redaktion

In the opinion of Polish experts, there is no fear of competition from Poland.