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Poland: The Charter for Real Food and Farming

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Poland: ICPPC Belweder Declaration

On June 13th 2017, a group of determined individuals came together to support "The Charter for Real Food and Farming", whose special launch took place in the President's Palace, in Warsaw (Belweder).

One hundred  and  thirty  supporters, including farmers, scientists, health  practitioners, legal  experts, consumer  representatives and environmentalists, packed into the Palace meeting room to hear and participate in the call for a radical 'People led' change in Poland's agricultural policy, reports the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside  and two other branches of the ICPPC (GMO free Poland and Ecocenter).

 The conference was convened by a group of leading  organisations deeply concerned with the overall health and welfare of the nation. Amongst their demands, was the need for government to take immediate action to make Poland GMO Free, as well as lift the deeply unfair legislation which makes it illegal for millions of family farmers to process and sell their farmhouse foods direct to shops, schools, restaurants and other public institutions.

Speakers unanimously condemned the government's short-sightedness in increasingly adopting the same industrial scale monocultural farming model as is practiced in the USA, UK and other post industrial Western Countries. Policies dominated by agrichemical and pharmaceutical corporations.

Belweder Declaration The Charter of Real Farming and Real Food

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