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Review of the year 2016

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Not an easy year - politically as well as for the organic industry. Although turnover is still growing political developments as in the UK, in Turkey and the US will all impact on to the organic sector. The worldwide organic movement is working on new ideas and is fighting very hard against GMO and pesticides. Looking back over the organic year, we are summarising important events, market data, developments, trends and reports from Europe and across the world. Please join us for our review! Many more themes are available in our archive and on YouTube  and Twitter.

Japan: Organic Lifestyle Expo with 190 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors

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27.12.2016 Editor

The 1st Organic Lifestyle Expo/OLE organized by Organic Forum Japan was held on November 18th and 19th. The expo was a lively and very successful event and the largest of its kind held in Japan this year.

Russia: Successful event for beauty bloggers at InterCharm

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21.12.2016 Editor

The international community of beauty industry met end of October in Moscow for the largest perfumery and cosmetics exhibition, the InterCharm 2016. It was visited by 69 864 unique visitors within the 4 days.


EU organic law: amendments making it more complicated

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The Freiburg lawyer and expert in organic law, Hanspeter Schmidt, and Dr. Manon Haccius, responsible for quality management at Alnatura, explained in a seminar the amendments to existing EU organic law. They provided information for over 100 participants who were mainly representatives from the quality assurance and management departments of manufacturing companies, wholesalers, control organisations and associations.

Soil Association round table: food in the workplace

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13.12.2016 Editor

A round table organised by the Soil Association discussed the role of food provision in strategies for wellbeing and sustainability with heads of corporate social responsibility and caterers from leading businesses.

German Minister for the Environment opposed to the release of organisms with a 'gene-drive'

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07.12.2016 Editor

The German Minister for the Environment, Barbara Hendricks, has taken a clear stand against any release of genetically engineered organisms inheriting a 'gene drive'.

Moratorium on new genetic extinction technology at UN convention

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06.12.2016 Editor

Gene drive technology poses serious and potentially irreversible threats to biodiversity, as well as national sovereignty, peace, and food security, declare 160 global groups at the COP13 meetings in Cancun, Mexico. 


Sustainable Foods in Catering & Foodservice Sector

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05.12.2016 Editor

Sustainable foods are now well-established in many retailers, however what about the Catering & Foodservice Sector (CFS)? The North American edition of a Organic Monitor organised summit, hosted in San Francisco on 18-20th January will give answers.

The IFOAM 3.0 document has been revised

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02.12.2016 Editor

Since its release in fall 2015 "Organic 3.0 for Truly Sustainable Farming and Consumption" has received feedback from stakeholders all over the world as a way to further refine and improve the ideas contained in it.

COP22: Manifesto for a Bio Morocco and for the Support for a Bio Africa

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24.11.2016 Editor

IFOAM President Andre Leu was speaker at the COP22 Green Zone debate by the federation of Moroccan organic agriculture professionals (FIMABIO) in Marrakech.

Regeneration Hub: new platform is launched

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23.11.2016 Editor

Regeneration International (RI) and Open Team, in partnership with 17 organizations launched The Regeneration Hub (RHub) at the COP22 Climate Summit.

Sustainable Food Systems, Ingredients and Waste Top of Summit Agenda

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21.11.2016 Editor

Sustainable food systems, ingredients, and waste impacts are focal themes of the North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit, taking place on 18-20th January 2017, in San Francisco.

Successful Tribunal and Peoples Assembly – What’s next?

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16.11.2016 Editor

Both the hearings of the Monsanto Tribunal and the parallel People’s Assembly were a great success. The victims are very happy that their voices have been heard, media coverage was positive especially in France and Germany.

Ukraine: potential that ought to be exploited

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Ukraine is an important source of organic raw materials. Even after irregularities in recent years, some of a serious nature, nothing has changed regarding Ukraine as a sourcing country. There is potential and the new Ministry of Agriculture is working on closing gaps in the organic legislation, supporting organic farms and creating a corresponding infrastructure. However, many people feel the guidelines of the  EU Commission are a hindrance to trade. The guidelines were issued as a reaction to the scandals and apply until at least the end of this year. The two-day conference “Sourcing Organic from Ukraine” was conducive to constructive dialogue between representatives from Ukraine and representatives from politics and control organisations, importers and processors. (Video interviews)

IFOAM is attending the COP22 climate talks

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08.11.2016 Editor

IFOAM – Organics International is attending the COP22 climate talks to speak out on behalf of the organic food and farming community and to raise awareness of the urgent need to make organic agriculture part of a climate change solution.

IFOAM Organic World Congress 2017 in India

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28.10.2016 Editor

The registration for the 19th Organic World Congress is open. It will take place in November 2017 in Delhi, India. People and organisations who would like to present at the 19th OWC, have time until 30 November 2016 to submit a paper.

Tribunal gathers evidence of Monsanto´s ecocide

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The Monsanto Tribunal was held in the middle of October in The Hague. A panel of five prestigious judges listened to witnesses from all over the world. Lawyers, farmers, mothers, health experts and scientists made serious accusations against the American chemicals and seed corporation Monsanto. The aim is to incorporate ecocide into international law. The People´s Assembly, that was held in parallel to the Tribunal, has already  “condemned“ Monsanto (watch the videos). More reports from The Hague.

People’s Assembly Verdict: Monsanto guilty of crimes against the planet and humanity

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20.10.2016 Editor

Monsanto and the Poison Cartel are guilty of crimes against our planet and humanity. This is the verdict from the People’s Assembly organized in the Hague alongside the Monsanto Tribunal.

Ecocide must be punishable

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Tribunals are being launched because of serious crimes to accuse and punish crimes against humanity. The Monsanto Tribunal and the People's Assembly has taken place in The Hague from 14 to 16 October. Our blog gives details of the event.

André Leu: “We must join ecological forces”

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André Leu is President of IFOAM Organics International. At the People´s Assembly and Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague October 14 - 16, 2016 we asked him about his expectations of the event and the possible perspectives for the future.


Japan: 1st Organic Lifestyle Expo

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13.10.2016 Editor

Organic Livestyle Expo OLE is a trade fair organized on the concept of B2B2C which connects producers and distributors with consumers and other stakeholders.

Monsanto Tribunal starts tomorrow

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13.10.2016 Editor

Tribunals are being launched because of serious crimes to accuse and punish crimes against humanity. The Monsanto Tribunal and the People's Assembly will take place in The Hague from 14 to 16 October.

Public trial of Monsanto for ecocide

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08.10.2016 Editor

Over 800 organizations from around the world are supporting and participating in this process while over 100 people's assemblies and tribunals are being held across the world.

Green Acquisitions will be highlighted at Sustainable Summits in Paris

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29.09.2016 Editor

Unilever’s purchase of Seventh Generation is the latest in a series of green acquisitions. Organic Monitor predicts the trend to continue as large multinationals look to build a foothold in sustainable product industries.

Official Launch of the European Petition for Soil Protection

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23.09.2016 Editor

On Thursday September 22nd the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) ‘People4soil’, is launched at ‘Terra Madre’, the global Slow Food event on good, clean and fair food in Turin, Italy. The minimum target is to gather one million signatures.

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