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Vivaness: winners of the Best New Product Award

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

16.03.2018 Editor

Vivaness was once again the international meeting place for the natural cosmetics industry. The fair hosted to 50,200 trade visitors from 134 countries. The Vivaness had 182 new products at the Vivaness Novelty Stand.

BioFach 2018: Trends, new products and the „Next Generation“

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

06.03.2018 Editor

The demand for organic products in Germany continues unabated. However, in which areas is organic food booming particularly and what trends are to be expected in the near future? In a review of BioFach, we have summarised and discussed the role of the next generation in specialist trade as well as the question of how innovative products from young companies can find their way onto the shelves of specialist retailers. Please also watch our BioFach video review with many interviews on the topic of the next generation.

Ukraine at BioFach: combining innovations and traditions

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

06.03.2018 Editor

There is an urgent need to change the attitude to Ukraine as a raw material zone and create the image of Ukraine as a country which produces quality innovative products. The Ukraine Pavilion contributes to that goal.

Very successful U.S. Pavilion at Biofach

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

02.03.2018 Editor

The American Organic Trade Association (OTA) together with theForeign Agricultural Service (FAS), Office of Agricultural Affairs in Berlin and U.S. organic food and product companies participated in the Biofach and reported a leap in business inquiries.


Breeding: Organic right from the start

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

01.03.2018 Editor

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Regarding online trade as an opportunity

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

28.02.2018 Editor

What does increasing digitisation mean for the manufacturers of organic food? That was the topic discussed by the Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller (AöL) and its guests from business and research at Biofach.

Vivaness: German natural cosmetics market by far the biggest in Europe

Trade BioFach / Vivaness


More and more consumers are purchasing natural cosmetics. Over the last two years their number has increased by 1.2 million. The winners benefiting from this trend continue to be the drugstores; the losers include the specialist trade. The turnover of natural cosmetics grew by around 1.2 billion euros. As well as providing the latest market data, Vivaness presented many product innovations on the 275 stands in Hall 7A, on the joint German Newcomers Stand and in the Breeze exhibition area. In our article you find details on market data, trends and many photos.

Biofach: award of Organic Food Industry Research Prize

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

23.02.2018 Editor

Four female researchers received the Organic Food Industry Research Prize at BioFach. In their dissertations the winners addressed the consequential costs of conventional fertilising, superfoods, organic agriculture at vocational colleges and rearing chickens for both eggs and meat, the so-called dual-purpose “ei care”.

Global organic data show resilient growth

Trade BioFach / Vivaness


A booming organic sector: more farmers, more land and a growing market. This is the résumé of the 19th edition of „The World of Organic Agriculture“. The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International launched  the statistical yearbook at Biofach  2018 in Nuremberg. This comprehensive collection of the latest available data (2016) on organic agriculture worldwide contains data on area, operators, and retail sales: 57.8 million hectares of organic agricultural land – organic market grows to almost 90 billion US Dollars.

Germany: Ecofinia wraps chocolate brand Vivani in eco packaging

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

09.02.2018 Editor

The Germany based chocolate firm Ecofinia with its brand Vivani presents a relaunched packaging. Its is not only ecological but also artistic.


BioFach 2018: the "next organic generation"

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

04.12.2017 Editor

According to the motto "Next Generation", the world’s leading trade fair for organic food products BioFach in Nuremberg opens its doors from 14th – 17th February 2018 for professional visitors working in the organic sector.

BioFach: special show focusing on animal and plant breeding

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

30.11.2017 Editor

In the special show "Organic from the start" Biofach 2018 will be focussing on breeding plants and animals organically. This part of the exhibition has been allocated a central location at entrance area Mitte.

10th Natural Cosmetics Conference: Ensuring future success for the industry

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

19.09.2017 Editor


September the 26-27 the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference will open its doors in Berlin for the anniversary edition. The Conference will be held for the 10th time and will provide information about current topics of the natural cosmetics industry, presenting and discussing these from a critical point of view.


BioFach 2018: Next Generation is the main topic

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

10.08.2017 Editor

The international organic sector will meet at BioFach and Vivaness from 14 to 17 February 2018 to discuss ideas about how the “next organic generation” wants to continue developing the concept of organic in production and on the market. Also how the generational transition can be successfully shaped.

EU Research Programme “Food 2030” – Opportunities for Organic Actors?

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

18.04.2017 Kai Kreuzer

The focus of the fifth Science Day at BioFach in Nuremberg was on the opportunities and possibilities that intensification of research in the organic sector would bring. Taking part were around 50 members of the community engaged in research in organic agriculture and organic food. The major theme at the event was long-term strategies.

Birkenstock: newcomer to natural cosmetics

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

10.03.2017 Editor

Birkenstock, the traditional company we associate with healthcare footwear, has ventured into new territory – the manufacture of natural cosmetics – and it presented the Birkenstock Natural Care range at Vivaness.

BioFach review: exhibition halls full – exhibitors delighted

Trade BioFach / Vivaness


Again a  record number of visitors and a sharp increase in the number of exhibitors. NürnbergMesse, represented by Petra Wolf and Danila Brunner, was absolutely delighted with the four days of  BioFach and Vivaness. Danila Brunner said that in order to provide even better facilities for exhibitors and visitors Halls 4A and 8 as well will be made available next year. On the last day of the fair you could also hear the positive views of many exhibitors expressing positive opinions about the trade fair.

France: organic farmland and market are growing fast

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

21.02.2017 Editor

At BioFach the Pavillon France “Made in France with Love” was once again the biggest foreign country participation with 104 companies in over 1200 sqm of exhibition space. Recent market data show a dynamic development.

Germany: Minister presented future strategy of organic farming

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

17.02.2017 Editor

The future strategy of organic farming (ZÖL) by the Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, was presented at BioFach. On nearly 100 pages goals and measures are outlined to push the organic sector in Germany.

Organic worldwide 50.9 million hectares and market exceeds 80 billion US Dollars

Trade BioFach / Vivaness


The positive trend seen in the past years continues: Consumer demand is increasing, reflected in the significant market growth. More farmers cultivate organically, more land is certified organic, and 179 countries report organic farming activities, as shown in the 2017 edition of the study “The World of Organic Agriculture” (data per end of 2015). The statistical yearbook is published by FiBL and IFOAM – Organics International and launched at BioFach on Wednesday, February 15, 2017, from 4.00 to 4.45 pm in Hall Shanghai, NCC East. A summary with many graphics you can find here.

Nuremberg, the organic Metropolis

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

30.01.2017 Editor

Much is happening in the organic sector in Nuremberg and beyond the city boundaries. In order to further strengthen the organic sector in the region for the future, organic projects are gathered under the umbrella “Nuremberg, The Organic Metropolis”.

China Day at Biofach in Nuremberg

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

26.01.2017 Editor

Under the motto "Organic 3.0. in China" the China Day takes place during the BioFach in Nuremberg on Thursday, February 16, from 9:30 to 12:30 in NCC West, Room Venedig.

Biofach: Discover and experience organic diversity

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

20.01.2017 Editor

From 15th – 18th February 2017 Biofach and Vivaness will invite international specialist purchasers and experts to the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg to experience organic delights, diversity and know-how.


Review of the year 2016

Trade BioFach / Vivaness


Not an easy year - politically as well as for the organic industry. Although turnover is still growing political developments as in the UK, in Turkey and the US will all impact on to the organic sector. The worldwide organic movement is working on new ideas and is fighting very hard against GMO and pesticides. Looking back over the organic year, we are summarising important events, market data, developments, trends and reports from Europe and across the world. Please join us for our review! Many more themes are available in our archive and on YouTube  and Twitter.

European organic market grew to more than 26 billion euros in 2014

Trade BioFach / Vivaness


In 2014, the European organic market grew by approximately 7.6 percent to a value of more than 26 billion euros.  This is shown by the latest data provided by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and others.

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