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Belgium: Brussels government takes Commission to EU Court over glyphosate

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26.03.2018 Editor

The government of the Brussels region has decided to file a complaint against the European Commission with the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over its decision to re-authorise the pesticide glyphosate in Europe. Belgium was among the nine member states that voted against the renewal of the controversial chemical substance.

EU CAP reform: IFOAM EU calls for a clear framework

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26.03.2018 Editor

There was no agreement on the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) reform for 2020 at the last meeting of the Agriculture Ministers on Monday 19 March. They were unable to agree on common conclusions on the Commission communication on "The future of food and farming", an important milestone in the discussion. 

EU: No decision on neonicotinoids

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23.03.2018 Editor

Although it is high time to impose an immediate ban on the three insecticides clothianidine, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam, the Member States are pushing for a decision. And Germany plays an inglorious role in this.

EU Commission clears Bayer-Monsanto merger

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21.03.2018 Editor

The European Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer. The merger is conditional on the divestiture of an extensive remedy package, which addresses the parties' overlaps in seeds, pesticides and digital agriculture, announced the EU authorities.

USA: OTA blasts USDA withdrawal of organic animal welfare rule

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21.03.2018 Editor

The North American Organic Trade Association (OTA) strongly condemned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for its withdrawal of the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices regulation. The Association calls action “egregious", and says battle will continue in court.

EU: constitution of the EP Special Committee “PEST”

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14.03.2018 Editor

The newly formed "PEST" special committee of the European Parliament is to examine the scandalous glyphosate risk assessment and the European pesticide approval system as a whole over the next six months.

Public benefits of organic farming need formal recognition

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28.02.2018 Editor

The public benefits offered to the UK by organic agriculture need to be properly recognised and rewarded by government post-Brexit, according to leading organic certifier OF&G.

Germany: organic sales crack 10 billion euro barrier

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27.02.2018 Editor

In 2017, the organic sector achieved sales of over 10 billion euros for the first time. This was announced by Peter Röhrig, Managing Director of the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW, Engl. Association Organic Food Industry), on the occasion of the annual press conference of the organic sector at the start of this year's BIOFACH in Nuremberg.

New German government: positve plans towards the organic industry

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14.02.2018 Editor

Concerning agriculture the coalition negotiators took some decisions in favor of the organic sector. According to their coalition compromise the „Groko“ agreed to phase out glyphosate as soon as possible.

Bayer-Monsanto: authorities are still investigating

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12.02.2018 Editor

Bayer AG submitted "extensive commitments" to the European Commission to approve the acquisition of the US seed giant Monsanto, reports  the German GMO information service Infodienst Gentechnik.

EU Organic Regulation: news, challenges and chances

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After endless discussions and lobby work of organic associations and stakeholders the new EU Organic Regulation is now a fact and has reached the second phase. On this stage, in a common process, the responsible EU-institution and organic sector representatives adapt details of the regulation and inconsistencies in order to makes the new rules beneficial for the value chain and for consumers. A panel at the IFOAOM EU Processing Conference discussed challenges and opportunities together with the Nicolas Verlet, new Head of the Organic Unit of DG Agri, EU Commission. Watch the video.

India: state of Uttarakhand to become another organic state

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05.02.2018 Editor

With a budget of 1,500 mn Rupees (more than 23,5 mn US$) the National Government will support organic farming for the next three years in Uttarakhand.

EU organic law: dispute resolution directly at the European Court of Justice

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30.01.2018 Editor

The Luxembourg Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) shall facilitate direct action for annulment in Luxembourg for companies affected by implementing regulations and delegated regulations in any way whatsoever.

Queen Máxima supports true-cost accounting movement

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25.01.2018 Editor

Volkert Engelsman, Managing Director of Eosta BV, has found a new ally of the true-cost accounting movement in Queen Máxima.

"We are sick of it!": 33,000 protesters call for new agricultural policy

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23.01.2018 Editor

With a deafening cooking pot concert, 33,000 people called to the We are fed up! -Demonstration to kick off the Green Week in Berlin, the future federal government on a new agricultural policy.

EU lawyer: Genome Editing can be exempted from GMO directive

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22.01.2018 Editor

According to Advocate General Bobek, organisms obtained by mutagenesis are, in principle, exempted from
the obligations in the Genetically Modified Organisms Directive.

PGS: initiatives in more than 60 countries

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11.01.2018 Editor

IFOAM – Organics International is collecting worldwide data on Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) in a bi-annually global survey. PGS are recognized in a national organic regulation Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico and India.

The European Glyphosate battle

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08.01.2018 Editor

The European permit for the world's best-selling herbicide glyphosate was set to expire in December 2017. The EU Commission´s proposal to renew it for another 15 years caused a storm of protest. In a review of the last year the Monsanto Tribunal organisation reports about this European battle.

Indian Food Security Authority released unified regulation on organic foods

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02.01.2018 Editor

During the 19th Organic World Congress the Minister for Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Shri Radha Mohan Singh formally launched the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations 2017, along with the ‘Jaivik Bharat’ Logo and “Indian Organic Integrity Database Portal.”

USA: Senate introduces bill to promote organic agriculture

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25.12.2017 Editor

For years the organic production in the USA has lagged behind because of the government subsidiesed the big food industry. But now a bill is introduced to the senat that could change the game.

IFOAM Organic World Congress: global meeting of the movement

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It was a global organic event in India last month. Almost 2,500 delegates from 121 countries plus more than 7,000 day visitors attended the 19th IFOAM Organic World Congress (OWC). More than 1,000 farmers joined the organic mega event in Delhi/ Greater Noida and discussed topics concerning agriculture innovations, techniques, trends, challenges, success stories and other key issues of the sector. The motto of the OWC was „An Organic World through an Organic India.“ Every fifth organic farmer in the world lives in India. Read the summary and watch a video with impressions and statements.

EU: battle over pesticide safety escalates 

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18.12.2017 Editor

The European Commission has announced it is prolonging the licence of glyphosate by five years. But in reaction to the massive protests the Commission also promised to present a legislative proposal in 2018 covering transparency of studies used in the assessment of pesticides and the governance of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

EU: dramatic insect decrease requires a complete and comprehensive ban

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14.12.2017 Editor

This Tuesday, the competent expert committee of the EU member states in Brussels voted proposals of the European Commission for the ban on the three neonicotinoids imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam.

Glyphosate: majority of MEPs for Commission decision to be annulled? 

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08.12.2017 Editor

The Greens/EFA group will try to build a majority in the European Parliament to refer the European Commission’s decision to renew the licence for glyphosate to the European Court of Justice.

Gates Foundation lobbies for gene drive

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08.12.2017 Editor

As documents published earlier this week show, an international campaign is underway behind the scenes to pave the way for the release of genetically engineered insects and mammals, carrying a so-called gene drive.

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