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With tomato products against the mafia

by Leo Frühschütz (comments: 0)

The environmental centre Öko&Fair distributes the NoCap tomato products in Germany. © Lernestorod / Pixabay

A former tomato picker is campaigning against the exploitation of illegal refugees in tomato fields in southern Italy. German organic shops already have the products of the No Cap company on their shelves.

Industrial agriculture in southern Italy depends on cheap harvest workers. The cheapest are illegal refugees who depend on every penny and cannot defend themselves against exploitation because they lack papers. Mostly mafia-controlled foremen, the caporali, assemble the teams and deduct costs for transport, rent or water bottles from the workers' meagre wages.

No Cap opposes this caporalato system. The company was founded by the activist and author Yvan Sagnet from Cameroon. He worked as a picker himself, organised their first strike ten years ago and wants to show with No Cap that things can be different.

Slavery and exploitation are phenomena that also manifest themselves in Europe, in Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, says Yvan Sagnet on the website in a greeting. "In Italy alone, around half a million people who harvest fruit and vegetables are affected." For 15 to 20 euros at the end of a 20-hour working day.

The No Cap tomato products are so far only distributed in the south of Germany.


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