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Why French organic food is on the rise

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The Agence Bio published in late September a study on the development of organic agriculture in France. According to the study, in the first six months of the year, sales of organic products rose by 20% as reported by France Info . The market has reached seven billion euros. That is an increase of four billion euros in just five years!

France accounts nowadays for almost 4000 distributors. Between 70% and 75% of organic consumers are now buying in hypermarkets and supermarkets. However the most interesting fact of this study, published by Agence Bio, concerns the rapid growth of the number of farm agencies. In the first half of the year, on average 21 new organic farms were inaugurated, announced Florent Guhl, the director of Agence Bio, according to La France Agricole. The slowing down of this pace doesn't seem to be in sight. France currently has 32,000 farms that have been converted to agriculture or organic farming and a million and half of organic hectares is about to be crossed.

One explanation for the organic rise in France could be price stability, since it does not fluctuate with global markets. Organic farming also provides a guarantee for better profit to farmers, working primarily to cut out unnecessary links in the organic food chain by cutting out middlemen along the way. Also the consumer’s behavior has changed: instead of spending money on technological gadgets, the family budget goes more into healthy food. Even modest homes make these budget decisions.






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