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Vivaness: German Newcomers - Tio Care, Denttabs, Mahlenbrey

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Tio care

TIO: Preventing plastic waste and protecting the climate

The sad reality is that our planet has become a plastic planet. We have got to the point where it is impossible to imagine everyday life without the versatile material made from petroleum. This all begins with very normal, small items like toothbrushes, but when they’re put together, they have a huge impact. In Germany alone, toothbrushes and their packaging result in nearly 6,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year.

Aware of this, two industrial designers from Munich, Fabian Ghoshal and Benjamin Beck, decided that there had to be alternatives. And so they designed a replaceable-head toothbrush made of organic plastics (obtained from sugar cane) in a bid firstly to reduce plastic consumption and improve climate protection, but also to make modern, medically correct tooth care possible.

The toothbrush, which was launched under the brand TIO, received great interest at VIVANESS 2016. Mr Ghoshal says, “It is attractive to organic retailers in particular, because it is an innovative, climate-friendly product that generates as little waste as possible.” When a small material defect was discovered in the first batch, which was financed by a crowdfunding campaign, the two inventors refused to be discouraged. They continued to search for the perfect material and, after many many tests, finally found what they were looking for. A delighted Mr Ghoshal says: “We are happy with the new material for the brush head, because the cellulose acetate is obtained from an FSC-certified forest and even more sustainable, and the head (apart from the bristles) is compostable and therefore produces even less waste and CO2. We have reached the next level of evolution.” The brush handle material is based on sugar cane and has been enriched with minerals, so that the high-quality finish and the design enable the attractive implement to be used for as long as possible. Mr Ghoshal and Mr Beck won the famous Good Design Award in 2016 for their innovative product.

Compared to conventional toothbrushes and systems, the replacement-head system produces 70 % less waste. The TIO brush then cuts the usual amount of plastic waste by a further 60 % thanks to the elimination of packaging – the brush head is protected by a “travel cap”. Finally, the sustainable brush is also made without using plasticizers and is 100 % vegan.


DENTTABS: The new way of looking after your teeth

Denttabs“There are a number of things wrong with the way teeth are cared for today,” is the conclusion Axel Kaiser came to. And he should know, because he and his brother have run a dental laboratory in Berlin for over 20 years. After extensive research into tooth decay caused by incorrect tooth care, he moved on to thinking about inventing a completely new sort of tooth care product – and took inspiration from the results of a doctoral thesis written in the 90s when doing this. Together with Prof. Emeritus Peter Gängler of Witten/Herdecke University, he developed a tooth care product in the form of a tablet. DENTTABS, the tooth cleaning tablet, had been born.

“Conventional toothpastes are highly chemical mixtures whose ingredients predominantly try to preserve the watery mixture in our mouths and remove any breeding grounds for bacteria with aggressive active substances,” explains Mr Kaiser. Scrubbing with hard bristles also damages the sensitive flesh of the gums and mucous membrane lining the inside of the mouth. DENTTABS takes a completely different approach: When chewed, the tablet, which is made using cellulose and other natural substances, creates a smooth, polished surface with the help of a soft brush. Mr Kaiser explains how the product works, saying: “It’s no secret that plaque cannot build up on smooth surfaces, and it is plaque that brings about a tooth’s worst enemy in the mouth: cavities.” He adds that this makes tooth polishing the most important aspect “on the road to revolutionizing tooth care”. Mr Kaiser’s research has also shown that, in addition to polishing the teeth and making them look brighter, the gentle care provided by DENTTABS has a positive effect on the oral flora. He explains that people with any kind of inflammation or sensitive tooth necks notice this especially, providing they use DENTTABS with fluoride. “We’re pleased we’ve developed an effective, organic and sustainable alternative to toothpaste,” he says. “And more and more people are now learning about the approach that goes against everything we’ve ever been taught about cleaning our teeth. DENTTABS users are happy with their ‘new’ teeth“. DENTTABS is being represented at VIVANESS for the second time this year and will be part of the pavilion for innovators. The company would love the opportunity to impress visitors in person at the DENTTABS stand.


mahlenbrey: The positive effects of natural oils proven

Brigitte Mahlenbrey has been fascinated by the power of natural plant oils for decades, and it occupies a great deal of her time professionally. Her company, mahlenbrey, presented products to natural cosmetic professionals from all over the world at VIVANESS 2016, appearing as part of the “Young Innovative Companies” pavilion, which was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Company founder Ms Mahlenbrey was delighted with the experience, saying: “VIVANESS 2016 gave mahlenbrey an important boost. Existing relationships were strengthened and new contacts were gained – including contacts from Japan. High-quality products are still very much appreciated there and genuine natural products made in Germany attract plenty of interest from consumers.” A lot has also been written about the products in the press and by bloggers, and the entrepreneur refers to an article about the innovative design of their packaging in Germany’s biggest trade journal on design and packaging as the highlight.

mahlenbrey was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Freiburg. At the premises, the company’s valuable organic raw materials, which are sourced from all over the world, are bottled while still very fresh. They include jojoba oil, babassu oil, coconut oil and many others. Before they arrive, they are carefully harvested and processed in small oil mills. The attractively designed aluminium bottles are equipped with pump dispenser tops and offer the best possible conditions for preserving the quality of the contents.

The positive effects of mahlenbrey skin oils on the skin were proven in clinical trials in 2016. Ms Mahlenbrey was clearly happy with the results, saying: “With their wide spectrum of effects, our oils achieved top marks, especially when it came to the strengthening of the skin’s barrier and increasing the skin’s moisture levels.” This is because, unlike products that are mixed with paraffins, natural oils are absorbed by the skin and supply it with moisture through the internal metabolic processes. The company founder is also proud of the new and very unusual smelling skin oil Pink Pepper. “The berries of the original plant give off a multifaceted fragrance,” she gushes.” The new oil joins a product range consisting of ten basic natural oils and some blends which are enriched with essential oils.



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