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Vivaness: German Newcomers - Shaoyun, Fairsquared, Yverum

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Shaoyun: Fresh cosmetics based on TCM

Specialist knowledge, care, responsibility and time. These terms are at the heart of everything Shaoyun Natural Health & Beauty does. A holistic approach and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) form the foundation on which Shaoyun Liang set up her company, where the beauty therapist and TCM beautician has made fresh products individually tailored to the skin needs of her customers since 1992.

Managing director Daniel Laschkari explains Shaoyun’s principles as follows: “We provide advice based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to encourage the development of health and beauty both internally and externally. Diet, cosmetics and care are all as important as each other here.” The company’s important and valuable extracts are produced very carefully using traditional TCM methods at its GMP-certified factory.

Ms Liang says: “The principles of traditional Chinese medicine, our many years of experience and our sound, well-founded knowledge are the best tools we could possibly have and enable us to offer our customers the best care products – which do not cause side effects and are particularly suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. To me, the greatest success is recognizing the beauty in each individual and maintaining it.”

Due to customer needs and the demand constantly increasing, Shaoyun stepped outside the walls of its own beauty institute in Speyer two years ago and began making products for alternative practitioners and beauty salons. Since October, the company has supplied products to all pharmacies in Germany too. The products are set to become available in other countries next year and will also be improved continually in accordance with the latest research, dermatological, TCM, natural-healing and cosmetic-science findings.

Shaoyun products are ICADA certified and of course free from mineral oils, unnecessary preservatives, parabens, PEG compounds, silicone oils, genetic engineering and harmful hormone substances.

Vivaness from above

Picture: Vivaness from above

FAIR SQUARED: New countries, new products and new people

FAIR SQUARED moved to Germany from the UK in 2013 and has become very well established here. Looking back on a successful 2016, managing director Oliver Gothe says: “We were able to gain distributors in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Spain at VIVANESS. Having had such a great premiere, we’re looking forward to being part of the pavilion for young innovators again.” However, 2016 wasn’t just successful for FAIR SQUARED, but also productive and was dominated by the team being expanded. Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria were added as new export markets. Mr Gothe says: “Trade partners in other countries are very open and willing to experiment. They are happy to include our Fairtrade natural cosmetics in their product ranges.” Distribution was able to be expanded on the German market too, though.

Mr Gothe is also proud of FAIR SQUARED’s own portfolio. He says, “We have developed new innovative products and will be presenting about 25 at VIVANESS.” He believes one real innovation is the launch of a shaving care system for the genital area. According to Mr Gothe, studies indicate that there is a big market for products in this area, but that it is hardly ever covered by natural cosmetic manufacturers. The company’s portfolio has been extended by other facial and body care products which are supplied in bottles and jars that are practical but no less attractive.

The main priority governing everything remains this: FAIR SQUARED products are all 100 % fair trade, vegan and halal, and bear the NATRUE seal. Mr Gothe is particularly pleased about the fact that the company has been able to increase its argan oil requirements and therefore support a women’s project in Morocco. He says: “It’s nice to see how Fairtrade reaches people. The “argan women” do genuinely fantastic work, supply an excellent oil and are very successful. They will be rewarded with prosperity, education and a better future for the next generation as a result.” The entrepreneur is simply delighted at what fair trade can achieve and is convinced that this will be demanded and appreciated by consumers more and more. “After all, we all want the products we use to have been produced by people who are treated justly and fairly,” he says.


Yverum: Exclusive and attractively presented natural cosmetics

A few years have passed now since the Düsseldorf-based YVEROVEL GmbH was founded in 2012. The young natural cosmetic brand yverum – “naturally yours” has been able to really assert itself on the market in the meantime and continues to shine thanks to its exclusive and attractively presented products. “People are persuaded to invest in the innovative, effective and simple care concept of the yverum anti-ageing series, because the information provided about the active substances and other ingredients is clear and transparent,” says Iris Janssen, one of the brand’s co-founders. “The elegant dispensers and jars the rich-textured formulas are supplied in enable exactly the right amount to be removed from the container and applied,” adds company founder Marc Baeuerle.

Yverum LipstickAfter yverum’s besteller won the “Best New Product Award” at Vivaness 2015, yverum Hyaluron eye and lip serum achieved the same honour the following year, proving how high the brand’s quality standards are. There is almost no need to say that the high-class formulas meet the certified natural cosmetic requirements and are BDIH certified. All the products are also vegan. YVEROVEL GmbH’s insistence on sustainability doesn’t stop at the composition of its products, however. Its packaging material is sourced from sustainably managed forests as well. The adhesive used consists of plant-based ingredients and is therefore vegan too.

The demand for yverum products is increasing. “yverum natural cosmetics gained plenty of new fans last year in particular, with the number of products sold at new points of sale rising significantly – both in Germany and other countries,” says Ms Janssen. The fact that a number of famous magazines, among them Vogue, Brigitte, Cosmopolitan and Elle, published articles on the brand is bound to have been one of the contributors to this.

Customer satisfaction is very important to the yverum team and requests are fulfilled whenever possible. For example, a facial care set consisting of the anti-ageing serum and the 24 hr cream was created with 15ml of each product. “On the one hand, it is a nice test set of our perfectly coordinated products and, on the other hand, it is extremely easy to carry around when you’re out and about,” says Ms Janssen. yverum lip care boost, a lip care stick enriched with the SEPILIFT® formula is set to be launched onto the market in February 2017, just in time for VIVANESS. “It makes the lips visibly smoother when used regularly,” Ms Janssen reveals. Unlike yverum lip care cover, which has no colour or fragrance, the new addition is a soft pink and has a subtle fruity scent.


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