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Vivaness: German Newcomers - Aroma Garden, Zunderschwamm

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aroma garden: The quintessence of nature

Florent Raimond has long believed in the power of herbs and essential oils and has developed solutions in his laboratory for his three young children and his wife’s sensitive skin again and again. Based on his conviction that nature can provide everything we need, he carried out extensive research into the healing power of plants and the benefits of essential oils and, after successfully curing his wife of her skin condition with his formulas, decided to make this knowledge available to other people too in the form of two product lines. He founded aroma garden at the beginning of 2016.

Referring to his products, French-born Mr Raimond says, “They are all developed and made out of love for people and nature.” He adds that, although aroma cosmetics and natural cosmetics did exist before, the power of 15 highly concentrated aroma garden essential oils creates a unique synergy that encourages the skin to rebalance itself. He has no doubt about that. Mr Raimond also places great value on sustainability and maximum quality when selecting raw materials and packaging his products. He says: “aroma garden is our contribution to making a better world. As a father, thinking about the future and the well-being of generations following on behind is very important to me.” This is even reflected in the packaging, which is printed using food colouring. Even the glue is vegan. The effectiveness of the products and the consistency of the concept persuaded 100 trade partners including beauty institutes, pharmacies, natural food shops and online stores to start offering the products to their customers in a very short space of time. Additional aroma garden products are expected to be launched next year.



Vivaness Novelties stand

Picture: Vivaness Novelties stand


Zunderschwamm: A fungus with huge potential

Who’s prepared to trust tree fungus containing a miracle substance these days? Ralf Bartoniek and Daniel Gareis, the founders of Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte, have rediscovered the secret of tinder fungus and roused it from an extremely long deep sleep. This means the young researchers and product developers are following in the historical footsteps of Ötzi the Iceman, who lived in the Stone Age, and the Greek physician Hippocrates. Research shows that these famous historical figures were actually using tinder fungus back in their day, and they were obviously aware of its many secrets.

Anyway, back to Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte’s founders: Mr Bartoniek is from Berlin and first encountered tinder fungus while working to support himself during his business management degree. On the other hand, Mr Gareis is from Upper Franconia and has been familiar with the tree fungus since his childhood. However, he didn’t know anything about beta-glucan while growing up, and beta-glucan is the active substance that has seen tinder fungus (“Zunderschwamm” in German) now referred to as a miracle fungus (“Wunderschwamm” in German). His vocational training at a pharmacy, his degree and, ultimately, his position with a pharmaceutical company took him closer and closer to discovering this secret. He says, “When we finally met, it quickly became clear that it was time to create a company whose main focus would be tinder fungus.” And so Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte GmbH was born in 2015.

The start-up has tasked itself with researching the many different uses for tinder fungus and developing innovative products based on its findings. Its range of products is already extensive. In addition to the company’s scientifically proven and highly effective Medikosmetik products containing the active substance Glucaneo, the two medicinal fungus experts have developed dietary supplements for humans and animals, and also sell bags and hats made of fungus leather – which are of course vegan.

“The Medikosmetik products are based on the wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effects of beta-glucan, and deliver unmatched results when applied to skin problems like neurodermatitis, acne and psoriasis,” says Mr Bartoniek. In studies, the tinder fungus active substance has shown more impressive results than normal cortisone. “Our vision is to research the medical potential of Glucaneo in much greater depth and develop problem solvers such as dressings,” Mr Bartoniek adds. Co-founder Mr Gareis says that Glucaneo also has a promising anti-ageing effect, however. All the company’s tinder fungi grow wild, are certified organic and are obtained from the locally situated Franconian Forest. They are harvested in cooperation with the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise (Bayerische Staatsforsten) in an environmentally friendly manner.


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