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Vivaness: German Newcomers - Angel-Minerals, Beauty Beee

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Angel-Minerals: Natural colours that come from the earth

Karin Hunkel knows all there is to know about colours, having worked with them for 30 years. She has developed “holistic colour consulting”, written three books about the effects of colours and, in her seminars, trained hundreds of consultants to use her holistic system. When looking for natural products that would satisfy her high quality requirements and that she could recommend to those attending her seminars with a clear conscience, she came across mineral make-up. The self-confessed nature and animal conservationist says: “The colours made from very finely ground minerals fit in with my system wonderfully. Pure minerals are naturally extremely high-quality raw materials and nourish the skin too.” She adds that mineral powders are very well tolerated by sensitive and problem skin in particular, saying, “Minerals like silicon improve the skin’s appearance and can reduce acne.”

However, there are also differences that always have to be looked out for when it comes to her raw materials. At Angel Minerals, impurities from heavy metal are of course just as taboo as “stretching” products with cornflour or rice flour, which can block up pores. The products do not contain any additives at all, including emulsifiers and mineral oil components. Nanoparticles are another thing Ms Hunkel and her customers pay attention to. She says: “The minerals are very finely ground, but are not nanoparticles of the critical size that can cause damage in the body. Their purity means our powders provide very good coverage, but are very light on the skin.” The powders are ICADA certified and a full ingredients list is printed on every package, making the products transparent for both retailers and customers.

At her small factory in the Hessian town of Karben in the Rhine-Main area, Ms Hunkel and a small team transform the pure ground minerals, which are sourced from Germany, into a range of natural-cosmetic mineral make-up that includes foundation, rouge, eye shadow and concealer. The expert says, “The products have been vegan since the company was founded in 2011.” On the one hand, this is because of the nature of the raw materials, but on the other hand, it is also down to the founder’s conviction. On every product, the colour types are marked according to Ms Hunkel’s holistic colour system. “This provides the customer with a guide without limiting their options,” she says. After all, her approach is deeper than the average approach: It is not about which colours go well together, but more about what colours do to us and which ones make us feel good.

Entrance to Vivaness hall 7 A

Picture: entrance to Vivaness hall 7 A

Beauty Beee: A success story for teens

Beauty Beee can be described as a high-flyer. Speaking about herself, Larissa Laudenberger, says: “My heart for the target group, my intention to develop natural cosmetic products specifically for young skin and my desire to create something I could call my own were what motivated me to found Beauty Beee.” The 27-year-old actually studied politics and history, but then worked for a PR agency and in 2013 finally made the decision to set up her own natural cosmetic company with its own PR and social media agency. Thanks to her fondness for beauty and body care and, more than anything else, her five younger siblings, Ms Laudenberger is very close to her target group. What do young girls want? What matters to them? Ms Laudenberger says: “Thanks to my siblings, their friends and their friends’ families, I have no doubt about the answers to those questions, so I cover the topics in the blog “Beee’s Diary” and make them a reality by incorporating them into Beee’s character. Beee is the fictitious girl who features on the company’s website and social media channels.”

The young entrepreneur doesn’t just want to create a stylish brand with her products, which are developed by pharmacists and dermatologists, but also offer quality. Defining her aim, she says: “We want to unite health, beauty trends and natural care specifically for young skin with the needs of adolescents and their mothers.” Beauty Beee’s products have passed dermatological tests with flying colours, are vegan and do not contain any critical substances such as parabens, paraffin or silicones. The brand is already available from stores and online in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, while Portugal and Brazil are the next countries it is set to be marketed in. The product range is also expected to be expanded next year.


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