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Veganz opens new production facility in Austria

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Vegan Camembert alternative "Cashewbert". Made by the company Veganz from Berlin.
The vegan Camembert alternative "Cashewbert" is made of Cashews, as the name suggests, but also consists of Macadamia nuts for example. Picture © Veganz.

Veganz Group AG, the only multi-category supplier of vegan food in Europe, opened its third own production facility in Spielberg, Austria. Since the demand for the vegan Camembert alternative Cashewbert is so high that the capacities in the production facility in Berlin are no longer sufficient, the cheese alternative is now being produced at another production site.

The vegan alternative to a Camembert consists of only six ingredients and is free of soy, palm oil and additives. It gets its authentic taste from the starter and noble mushroom cultures it contains. These support the fermentation of the cashew and macadamia nuts and give the cashewbert its typical white rind.

The Veganz Cashewbert convinces not only by its mild taste, but also by sustainability. Compared to an animal camembert, which causes 1,397 g of CO2, just one third of the emissions are emitted for the Cashewbert, with 533 g of CO2 per 175 g. The Cashewbert is also a sustainable cheese substitute. In addition, the cheese substitute is certified organic and packaged in a sustainable cardboard box.

"We are very pleased that we can now open our third own production facility," says Jan Bredack, CEO and founder of Veganz Group AG. "With our investments in smaller, temporary production facilities for the in-house production of our meat, fish, cheese and egg alternatives, we ensure a largely liquidity-preserving production ramp-up. In addition, this route allows us to quickly adapt to the respective demand situation and minimizes production start-up risks."




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