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Unpacked: Glass instead of plastic silos

by Horst Fiedler (comments: 0)

Glass-silo models made by Hawos © Hawos
Glass-silo models made by Hawos © Hawos

The grain mill manufacturer Hawos has developed glass silos for all those who want to offer unpacked goods in their shops. They offer advantages over frequently used plastic silos.

If you don't use plastic packaging, you shouldn't use plastic for the silos either, according to the Hawos philosophy. Although the glass silos weigh more, they could be fixed to the wall using metal hooks. The material  is suitable for whole food shops, as it is easier to clean than plastic and offers a perfect sight onto the products. Besides, the outlet system consists of high-grade steel and can be changed without emptying of contents, if once a wrong outlet size was attached. This is important regarding the regulations associated with organic certification and hygiene requirements.

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