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Triballat Noyal now bears the name of its founder

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Triballat Noyal produces plant-based products like soy yoghurt.
The French manufacturer Triballat Noyal offers soy-based products and recently changed its name to "Olga". Picture © iStock

The French manufacturer of organic products Triballat Noyal has been called "Olga" since April 1. The family business thus bears the first name of its founder Olga Triballat, who ran the company until 1964. Today, her grandson Olivier Clanchin is the third generation to run the business.

Olga's products are mainly represented on the German market under the Sojade and Bergerie brands. Customers know Sojade as a supplier of vegetable products based on soy, oats or hemp. Bergerie is known for products made from sheep's milk.


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