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TRACES: electronic certification for organic imports to prevent fraud

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Since April 2017 a new electronic certification system called TRACES (Trade Control & Export System) has been operating in the EU. It will improve the monitoring of organic products  imported into the EU from third countries.                  .

According the the European Commission it will mean a significant decrease in administration costs for companies and authorities when organic goods are imported. Further benefits are improved traceability of goods and making it much harder to perpetrate organic fraud.

In the transition period up to mid-October both paper and electronic certificates can be used, but from 19 October 2017 only electronic certificates will be accepted for organic imports. Importers must register on the TRACES database and the relevant control authorities must then approve these import companies and their employees and confirm that they can operate on the database. The import certificates will be integrated into the information system TRACES. The form for the control certificate has changed.



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