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The textile guide: How to minimize environmental and social impacts

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Earlier in July, the 5th edition of a unique, printed guide to global textile standards, labels and legislation came out, affirmed Ecotextile News magazine. The guide provides a definitive reference tool for apparel retailers, brands and other textile industry stakeholders who want to minimize the environmental and social impacts of their businesses, along with minimizing risk in the supply chain, avoid reputable damage to one’s brand, or who want to source products in a more responsible manner. Textile Standards & Legislation is a 100+ page printed booklet which includes easy-to-read snapshots and concise summaries of the key points of each third-party label, standard, framework or individual piece of legislation.

Textile Standards & Legislation is the result of a unique partnership between MCL Global – the leading media platform for the textile supply chain – and the European Outdoor Group, which with over 80 brand and retail members, undertakes a number of innovative projects for the benefit of the whole European outdoor industry. These two organizations can now bring this fully searchable on-line tool – together with a printed booklet – which combines all the best elements of the Eco-Textile Labelling Guide from MCL and the SIGNS tool developed by the European Outdoor Group



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