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The role of changing value chains in a sustainable food system

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In June 2016, a conference was organised by the Sustainable Food System Programme together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The topic in Rome was "Sustainable value chains in a sustainable food system". The results have now been published, the publication is online available.

The FAO's administration facility was for two days turned into a conference hall for the experts who focused their attention on that topic. In seven meetings theys discussed themes like resource efficiency, avoidance of waste and biodiversity. They also examined in detail issues like gender and the needs of the many different actors in value chains and of the people in the catering and hospitality sector.

The results have now been published under the title “Sustainable Value Chains for Sustainable Food Systems”. The publication contains the contributions of more than 60 authors who discussed the technologies and tools for tackling ecological, economic and social issues.

One of the experts in Rome was Prof. Dr. Carola Strassner, managing partner of a’verdis and Professor for Food Ecology and Sustainable Food Systems. She was the lead author of a contribution that examined the role of the sustainable hotel, restaurant and catering industry for sustainable lifestyles. Together with her colleagues, she identified the issues facing this sector that are to be found in particular in changing urban lifestyles.

Prof Strassner said that with the publication of these contributions more people can share and take an active part in the ongoing debate about what has to be done in moving towards a sustainable food system. This involves a sustainable life and work style in the catering market, which fortunately is receiving more and more attention.



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