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Switzerland: Coop introduces filling stations for beer and mineral water

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Coop Switzerland
Coop Switzerland is in the process of expanding its unpacked offer. © Coop

The Swiss retailer Coop is testing filling stations for unpackaged goods in some of its shops. Coop customers have recently been able to fill their own Rhäzünser mineral water and Valaisanne beer in individual stores in northwestern Switzerland, including Basel South Park and Baden train station. According to the company, Coop is the first retailer in Switzerland to offer this service.

Starting in August, unpacked stations will be installed in several Coop branches throughout Switzerland for about 40 food items, such as rice, pasta, pulses or muesli. In individual supermarkets in northwestern Switzerland, Coop plans to offer detergents and dishwashing products of the Henkel brand Persil Oecoplan for self-filling, according to media information. The retailer announces its intention to further increase the unpackaged and reusable range for daily needs by 2026.


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