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Swedish organic farmers at BioFach

by Horst Fiedler (comments: 0)

Swedish agricultural land
Swedish agricultural land: From here, organic farmers come to the BioFach to present their products. © Ylin Photo / shutterstock

It is the first time at the BioFach that the “Swedish Organic Farmers” to present their products to the international market for organic food products. They are looking for direct contact with buyers, food processors and retailers.

In their assortment they have agricultural products such as cereals, baking/bread wheat, flaked oats, rape/oils, fodder, legumes, potatoes and vegetables such as onions and carrots. “We can offer a variety of organic products in the respective quantities”, the farmers announce.

EU organic with additional social and ecological benefits

The Swedish eco-certification following the KRAV guidelines guarantees a high level of monitoring for buyers. The three Swedish accredited certification bodies KIWA, HS Certifiering and SMAK carried out the necessary inspections at the farmers’ premises. KRAV-certified organic farming meets all the requirements of EU Organic Regulations but goes far beyond with its guidelines on social responsibility towards employees. In addition, Swedish KRAV-certified farmers meet other requirements, e.g. by using renewable energy, outdoor grazing for pigs and a general ban on copper in organic potatoes.

The joint Swedish stand of “Try Swedish”, where the Swedish organic farmers will be found, is in Hall 6 at the Biofach, 12-15 February 2020. The “Swedish Organic Farmers” do not have a website yet. Contact via Hermann Leggedör,



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