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Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit: Future Outlook for Bio-Based Surfactants

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Last year´s edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit.

Last year´s edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit. © Kai Kreuzer

For the second year Ecovia Intelligence (former Organic Monitor) organizes the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit in Paris. On 8-9th November the summit invites stake-holders in the cleaning products industry including manufacturers, ingredient companies, packaging companies distributors, retailers as well as industry organisations, researchers and consultants.

The Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit will have a dedicated workshop on bio-based surfactants to discuss the future prospects for these green materials. On Wednesday 8th November Workshop I: Outlook for Green Labels will give an overview of sustainability schemes and ethical labels, adoption issues, and gives future projections. “Green labels are gaining popularity in the cleaning products industry, with a growing number of products brandishing logos & symbols that represent some sustainability credentials“, explains Ecovia Intelligence (former Organic Monitor). The workshop leader Professor Krister Holmberg, Professor of Surface Chemistry of the Chalmers University of Technology who will give an update on the growing array of bio-based surfactants. What are the future possibilities with detergents and home care products?

Topics of the other workshops
Workshop II: Advances in Bio-Based Surfactants will look at the growing area of bio-based surfactants and their applications in cleaning products. An introduction is given to surfactants and their related health & environmental impacts. Details are given of the different types of bio-based surfactants and their sustainability credentials.

The summit will be hosted in Paris on 8-9th November at the Paris Marriott Champs-Élysées hotel.

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