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Sonnentor saves 20 tons of packaging

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Johannes Gutmann demonstrates by removing the cover-film made from wood
Less packaging for tea. Johannes Gutmann demonstrates by removing the cover-film made from wood. © Sonnentor

Thanks to improved aroma protection bags for tea, Sonnentor can eliminate the wood-made wrapping film from all boxes. This ‘unveiling’ will save the environment from around 20 tons of packaging every year.

Until now the double-chamber infusion bags were wrapped in an aroma protection cover made of polypropylene. From now on this will be replaced by an improved barrier made from wood. Due to the improved aroma protection, no additional packaging is necessary on the outside of the tea cartons.

Improved packaging for spices too

From now on source of the cardboard for Sonnentor boxes will be from responsible forestry. There are also further developments in spice packaging. Best sellers such as turmeric, pepper and oregano are already being wrapped in a 30% thinner film made from wood. There have also been changes to the tinplate shakers and in the new version, the viewing window made of PET is no longer required. This saves trash and improves product protection.

Packaging campaign starts in February

“It is important to us to give our fans a transparent insight into what we are doing and also to talk openly about the disposal of our packaging. For this reason we are starting an initiative on this subject in February and a campaign under the slogan - at last a useful ‘dirty’ campaign.” Reports Johannes Gutmann, founder of Sonnentor.


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