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Soil Association Certification: formal partnership with Ecocert

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Logos Soil Association Certification and Ecocert
Logos Soil Association Certification and Ecocert

Soil Association Certification (SAC) joined forces in a formal partnership, with ECOCERT Group, the leading French Organic Certification body.

Focused around three key areas

As SAC declares, the partnership will identify and facilitate the sharing of existing schemes, and the development, marketing and delivery of integrity-based schemes and services focused around three key areas:

  • Organic food and farming
  • Land use
  • Sustainability

As a first step, SAC has granted Ecocert preferred rights (outside of the UK) to audit according to our organic standards. This means Ecocert clients in more than 130 countries worldwide will now be able to access the Soil Association symbol by meeting our higher standards.

In conjunction, Ecocert has given SAC preferred access in the UK to a large portfolio of organic and sustainability certification schemes, providing the most complete range of certification services for sustainable practices. This means that UK-based SAC producers and processors will also now have access to international markets with the use of Eecocert’s certification accreditation for countries such as USA, Japan and Korea. 

Martin Sawyer, Chief Executive, Soil Association Certification, says: “This partnership reinforces the shared values and vision for organic agriculture domestically and abroad between Soil Association Certification and Ecocert Group, and will allow us both to better face future opportunities and challenges for the global organic sector. It is an exciting first step in what we hope will be a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship."

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