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Roundup – carcinogenic or not?

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Has evidence that Roundup causes cancer been suppressed?  Collusion on the part of Monsanto and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? The Organic consumers Association (OCA), advocating for health, justice and sustainability, has appealed to Congress to investigate whether EPA officials and Monsanto decided to keep under wraps scientific evidence that Roundup is potentially carcinogenic. In the meantime, the OCA wants the sale of Roundup to be banned.

More than two million consumers belong to the OCA, whose international director Ronnie Cummins points out that the the EPA is there to verify the safety of chemicals like glyphosate and products like Roundup. He insists that if collusion has been going on the public have a right to know, especially since some EPA scientists and the WHO consider Roundup as likely to cause cancer.

Sources like the New York Times have recently reported on possible collusion between a former high-level EPA official and Monsanto to conceal the risks associated with Roundup. The conclusions by scientists that Roundup is carcinogenic range from certainly to likely.

Nevertheless, despite evidence and court cases, Monsanto is defending Roundup to the last. The confrontation is not yet over.



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