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Pine flavoured ice cream from Finland

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Pine ice cream by Jymy
Pine ice cream by Jymy. © Jymy

A quite exceptional flavour from Finland that will enhance the ice cream range at organic food stores: it comes from Suomisen Maito Oy, the ice cream manufacturers, using Aura pine but guaranteed needle-free.

The ice cream is made with the extract of young hand-picked pine shoots grown in a certified-organic forest the ice cream plant. The milk for the ice cream comes from a local partnered organic farm, where “our farmers know the name of every cow by name”, said Horst Neumann, a Finn with German roots, promoting his Jymy pine ice cream.

The ingredients are milk*, cream*, sugar*, fat-free milk powder*, glucose syrup (from organic rice), egg yolk*, lemon juice*, pine needle extract*, carob powder* (*= from organic cultivation). RRP €6.99 for 500 ml.

The ice cream was created for Finland’s 100 year independence anniversary in 2017 and is already on the German market. The vegan pistachio ice cream, even now almost completely produced by hand, is another of the company’s innovative products.


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