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Packaging: Disposable plastic tableware is now banned

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Beverage cup
Single-use plastic beverage cups now have to be labelled with a plastic warning. © Pixabay / filmbetrachterin

Disposable plastic tableware will soon be a thing of the past. Because from 3 July, the ban on single-use plastic will apply. This regulates the marketing of products that are often improperly disposed of in the environment and for which environmentally friendly alternatives already exist.

Accordingly, the following products may no longer be placed on the market:

  • Disposable cutlery and plates, disposable drinking straws, stirrers
  • Cotton buds made of plastic
  • Balloon sticks made of plastic

Plastic warning on the packaging

Furthermore, a law obliges manufacturers to label products made of single-use plastic. The prescribed pictograms on the packaging are intended to inform consumers that the products contain plastic that harms the environment if disposed of improperly. In addition, responsible behaviour is to be promoted by showing which disposal route is not appropriate.

The following products must therefore be labelled on the sales packaging and outer packaging:

  • Sanitary pads (especially sanitary towels),
  • Tampons and tampon applicators,
  • Wet wipes (especially soaked wipes for personal and household care),
  • Beverage cups that are single-use plastic products,
  • Tobacco products containing filters and filters intended for use in combination with tobacco products.

Detailed requirements for labelling are set out in the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/2151.


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