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Otto Greither celebrates his 95th birthday

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Otto Greither and co-director Dr. Florian Block in the Bruckmühler Auwald
Otto Greither and co-director Dr. Florian Block in the Bruckmühler Auwald © Salus

Otto Greither - whose name stands for health, humanity and vision, became 95 this week. On this very special birthday, Salus employees paid tribute to their long-standing managing director.

"At the early age of 20 Otto Greither, took over the management of Salus and then led the company with much passion and dedication through both successful as well as turbulent times. Two fires in 1974 and 1986 were major incidents in the company’s history that also gave the company an opportunity to overcome these times of crisis and at the same time grow even closer together. Over the last seven decades, he gave our company a broad scientific foundation, that continues to this day to lead in an eras of progress. While doing this, he always placed the health of his fellow humans first.


For Mr Greither, human interaction is the most natural thing in the world. This starts every morning on the way to his office on the second floor, when everyone from trainee to department manager, is greeted with a friendly "Grüß Gott". Good working relations and a positive working atmosphere are very important for him. Five years ago, for example, he opened an organic canteen - so that colleagues and friends had a place to have their lunch together and their well-being. But his caring is not confined to the boundaries of Salus property, as Mr Greither has been supporting a wide range of social projects for many decades. Whether locally with the preservation of the Bruckmühler Auwald biotope, regionally, by supporting disadvantaged children in Munich's Hasenbergl and globally, with reforestation projects in Uganda.


Otto Greither does not manage his company with a short-term profit focus. He has built up the family business for the long-term, to be sustainable and fit for the future. This also includes his own succession planning, which was not an easy decision after such a long time. Since 2015, he has been managing the business with his granddaughter’s husband, Dr. Florian Block. Together they will continue to shape the company and meet the future market challenges that will arise. Their love of people and nature will drive them daily to use their valuable resources for the benefit of mankind.

The entire Salus family wishes Mr Otto Greither all the best for his 95th birthday and for many more years of health, and his humanity and vision." 

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