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Organic pioneers found joint raw materials company “Biodina”

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Biodina Logo
Biodina Logo

A new international trading company called "Biodina SA" will be created from the raw materials departments of Bio Partner AG, Pakka Group and Ecornaturasì in cooperation with Bio Development AG on 1 January 2022. This was announced by the company with a head office in Switzerland and a German office in Konstanz.

Biodina specialises in organically and biodynamically produced and fairly traded raw goods in the areas of: nuts, pulses and seeds, dried fruits, fruits and vegetables (frozen and processed) and sweeteners and complementary assortment. Through the merger, the participating companies from Switzerland and Italy are pooling their competencies, according to a press release. They see themselves as bridge builders between the sales markets in Europe and the farmers in the countries of origin of the raw materials. Worldwide projects of the individual partners are to be strengthened by the cooperation and the availability of the raw materials is to be secured in the long term.

The management of Biodina consists of Daniel von Meißner (Chair), Erol Bay (Purchasing) and Sebastian Apfelstädt (Sales). Daniel von Meißner worked for several years as project manager and later as head of the Alnavit brand at Alnatura before moving to Bio Development AG in 2019. Erol Bay has accompanied Pakka since 2017 as Managing Director at Pakka Sourcing GmbH. Sebastian Apfelstädt has been responsible for raw materials trading at Bio Partner Schweiz AG since 2017.



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