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Organic Food Iberia 2019: Major new organic trade fair in Madrid

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In 2019, DivCom will host the first Organic Food Iberia in Madrid. © Pixabay

According to event organiser Diversified Communications, the new trade show Organic Food Iberia will open at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid in 2019. The fair for Spain’s increasingly important organic industry will take place on 6th - 7th June 2019, alongside with Eco Living Iberia 2019.

Even tough Spain provides the largest European organic production area, the Organic Food Iberia fair is going to be the first completely international organic trade event in the country. Lots of Spanish organic producers were asking for an international exhibition in order to promote the growing Spanish organic market. To Diversified Communications, Francisco Javier Maté, sub director general - differentiated quality and organic agriculture at Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, said: “Having a professional fair in Spain specifically for organic agrifood products is one of the actions included in the National Strategy of Ecological Production 2018-2020, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture. For this reason, we are pleased that it will launch in 2019. By holding the fair in Madrid, it will bring together producers from across the Iberian Peninsula, with all its great diversity and potential.”

In addition to that, Álvaro Barrera, president of the Organic Value Association, CAAE (ECOVALIA), commented: “It’s time for Spain to have a dedicated meeting point between production, industry and marketing that reflects the growing increase in organic consumption, which will be facilitated by Organic Food Iberia in Madrid 2019. This fair will be a safe bet for the future.”

The managing director of Diversified Communications UK, Carsten Holm appreciates the organic sector’s support of the event concept: “Following suggestions from a number of companies we know in Spain, we started talking to many of the regions, as well as relevant associations.  Everyone has been incredibly positive about the idea.  We have a big international network, which we intend to take full advantage of, and we look forward to working with all stakeholders to create a truly world-class event for the organic sectors in Spain.”

For further information and questions about getting involved, please visit the Diversified Communications website or contact Susana Andrés Omella.





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