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One World Award: most important 
for the global organic movement

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5th One World Award powered by Rapunzel

Within only a few years, the One World Award (OWA) has established itself as the most important award of the global organic movement. Joseph Wilhelm, founder and managing director of Rapunzel Naturkost and initiator of the OWA, describes the award in his opening address as an “encourager award that honours people and initiatives that promote fair and equitable globalization.”

„The concluding group picture with all the winners and participants was impressive proof of how diverse „one world“ can be and what impact the activities of individual people can have“, says co-organiser of the OWA Award, IFOAM Organics International.

Moved by making the world more equitable

Making our world better and more equitable and conserving the livelihood of our planet for everybody has moved Joseph Wilhelm, the German organic pioneer and founder of Rapunzel Naturkost for a long time. This notion finally inspired him to initiate an international award – the so-called One World Award. Since 2008, the One World Award honours people and projects at the international level who create the future in the sense of positive globalization for the people in their respective home countries, explains IFOAM.

Challenges of globalization

Today, humankind faces the challenge to utilize the opportunities of globalization in such a way that globalization is more than just profit maximization at the cost of the vast majority of the global population. Therefore, the goals of the OWA are based on the four pillars of sustainability: ecology, economy, social and cultural aspects.

 IFOAM – Organics International, the global umbrella association of the global organic agricultural movement (800 member organizations and institutions in 120 countries) is the ideal partner for Rapunzel for the organization of the award event.

Joseph Wilhelm and the OWA coordinator Bernward Geier (coordinator and chairman of the OWA jury) were excited about the great success of the 5th One World Award and were already looking forward to the nominations from around the world for the next OWA that will be awarded in the year 2020. The award, presented by Rapunzel and IFOAM – Organics International, is awarded every three years.

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