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Netherlands: plus 10 % in organic sales 2016

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Specialized organic supermarket in the Netherlands.

Specialized organic supermarket in the Netherlands. Photo © Karin Heinze

Organic food sales in the Netherlands increased by 10% in 2016 to € 1.4 billion. In the last ten years, sales have tripled. The winners are mainly the supermarkets.According to data from the Dutch organic organization Bionext, supermarkets increased their sales in 2016 from 654 to 735 million euros (12.2%).

Surprisingly, this increase in sales is not at the expense of the organic specialist shops, which were able to keep their sales at a similar level to 2015 at EUR 336 million. At a low level, however, sales in the catering sector increased significantly from 164 to 187 million (14%).

Many farmers converted their lands to organic agriculture

The number of Dutch switch farms to organic farming reached a record high: in 2016, it doubled to 248, including several dairy farms. That should reduce the dependence on milk imports. The organic area grew by 3% from 56,729 to 58,442 hectares.


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