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Navdanya International: taking a stand against exploitation

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Conference by Navdanya International on the 10 th of July 2017

On the 10th of July 2017, the conference “Poisons at the Door: Food, health and environmental risks in the new global market” initiated by Navdanya International took place in Rome, Italy. The main issue discussed during the conference, was the impact of Free Trade Agreements like CETA and how they affect our food and product systems. The speakers, such as scientist and environmental activist Dr Vandana Shiva, Councilor for the Environment at Rome Municipality Pinuccia Montanari and oncologist and hematologist Dr Patrizia Gentilini as well as the representatives of different associations like Stop TTIP or A Sud especially focused on the negative effects of pesticides on workers and customers.

Dr Vandana Shiva explained that, in order to continue the production and trade of low quality food contaminated with pesticides, a small range of large companies are destroying small and medium-sized farms by enforcing people upon their production concepts. As a result, both environmental and human health are at risk. Moreover, Shiva underlined that it is not too late to change to a model of production that respects biodiversity and provides a balanced relation among consumers and producers.



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