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Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference: Focusing on Asian cosmetics markets

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Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference 2016

Picture: Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference 2016

Pacific Asia is, after Europe, the second largest market for cosmetics, a market particularly characterized by its dynamics. In the spotlight of the beauty boom not only in Germany: K-Beauty – brands and products from South Korea. They have become well-known and available beyond their own borders.

Asian cosmetic products are trending, receive ample media coverage and are coveted by customers across the globe. Asian cosmetics are fun and are setting trends with their ingredients. Whether its snail slime or starfish extract: The ingredients are attention grabbers and satisfy the demand for innovative products.

In addition, both the product presentation and the modern formulation are highly sophisticated – this against the backdrop of strict proof of efficacy, e.g. in South Korea. Harmonious concepts, extraordinary product quality and a good price- performance ratio convince beauty customers worldwide. Meanwhile in Asia, the focus of cosmetic users is increasingly shifting towards natural ingredients as well – resulting in a rising demand for natural and organic cosmetics. say the organizers of the 10th edition of the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference that will be held September 26-27, 2017, at the Hotel Ellington in Berlin.

Asian Cosmetics: Stirring up markets across the globe

For years, the beauty industry worldwide has been influenced by Asian cosmetic products. The degree of this influence is depicted by several examples, e.g. BB- creams or CC-creams as well as the cushion-technology for makeup – innovative products and technologies that now manufacturers and companies outside of Asia are capitalizing on as well. „Many well-known major retailers meanwhile include Asian brands in their assortments – the interest in these products is rising as there is a consumer demand“, confirms Wolf Lüdge, managing director of the naturkosmetik verlag, which in cooperation with the NürnbergMesse, organizer of the Vivaness, hosts the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference.

German Brands in Asia

Several European natural and organic cosmetic companies have already established their brands in the Asian markets, for others the market entry is becoming increasingly attractive. This current topic relevant for the European natural cosmetics market will be the focus of Panel A on the second Conference day: “Booming market Asia: East meets West“ will provide an in-depth exploration of natural cosmetics and the Asian market and will show both the prospects and risks. The Panel will be presented by Moritz Aebersold, Asia expert and owner Contura Consulting AG (CH). “In the segment of natural and organic cosmetics, in the largest European markets the differentiation between luxury, mid-price and mainstream (volume) brands is increasing – this is the case in Japan and Korea as well. Therefore, a key focus of the Panel will be the essential criteria for success in the most important Asian markets in the future“, explains Moritz Aebersold.

On the basis of best practice examples, the expert panel will illustrate how and what the local industry can learn from East Asia. After an introduction into the Asian markets by Moritz Aebersold, the following experts will share their expertise: Mitsuro Ogi, CEO, CosmeKitchen (JP), Won Chung, CEO, Whamisa, (KOR), William Tsui, CEO, Mekim Ltd. (HK), Rongmei Hui-Drobnik, Asian market industry expert (DE).

The 10th edition of the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference will be held September 26-27, 2017, at the Hotel Ellington in Berlin with Elfriede Dambacher acting as program chairwoman and under new general management by Wolf Lüdge. Please find further information here.

Tip: On the day prior to the Conference, the popular Trendtour Berlin will take participants to newly discovered hotspots of natural cosmetics in Berlin (bus tour, 2-6 p.m.).





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