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Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference Berlin: Cultural changes call for repositioning

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Traditional Come together at the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference Berlin. Photo Karin Heinze

Traditional Come together at the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference Berlin. Photo © Karin Heinze

Changing values, digitalization, increasing competition: The market for natural & orga nic cosmetics is facing new demands. The 11th edition of the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference, to be held September 25-26, 2018 in Berlin in cooperation with the NürnbergMesse, organizer of the Vivaness, will focus on the changes that the cosmetics
industry needs to adapt to.

Rapid changes: new marketing concepts needed

The Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference will center on two major topics this year: The fut ure-oriented positioning of cosmetic brands and new approaches to customer loyalty. “The market for natural & organic cosmetics is undergoing such rapid changes that former marketing concepts are no longer considered current enough to meet today´s demands. The industry´s merits need a revival so that interested consumers can understand the message. The opportunities are plentiful. We have planned interesting presentations for the industry and retail that will surely inspire fresh thoughts“, explains Program Chairwoman Elfriede Dambacher.

Keynote: “The Biology of Loyalty"

With his presentation “The Biology of Loyalty – Successful Brands are not selling products, but affiliation“, keynote-Speaker Bert Martin Ohnemüller offers an invitation to Conference attendees to change their vantage point for just a moment – because retail is and always has been the encounter of people and not the provision of goods. “More than
ever, I am convinced that appreciative social interaction and economic success are not mutually exclusive, quite the contrary“, states Bert Martin Ohnemüller. The keynote speaker will show that the upcoming “decade of humanity“ will require new perceptions about teams, staff and economical success, but at the same time offers great opportunities for additional sales and revenues on a long-term basis, for constructive teamwork, for the promotion of customer and employee satisfaction as well as for more happiness and success in daily management.

„Leadership 4.0 – Heroes between Digitalization and Humanity“

Wolf Lüdge, managing director naturkosmetik verlag, which hosts the Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin, underlines the necessity for repositioning: “The market for natural & organic cosmetics is becoming increasingly complex. Even the established organic cosmetic brands and companies need to redefine their positioning, and this is only possible through new value structures.“ As it is, the requirement for structural change is also brought on by the
digitalization – this tension field between technology and humans will be the focus of Nicole Brandes in her keynote presentation „Leadership 4.0 – Heroes between Digitalization and Humanity“. Brandes, international management coach, author and partner of the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute), shifts the focus on humanity as the determining futureoriented factor: “People, the future and situations always have potential. It´s not about digitalization anymore, but about what we are not digitalizing. The internal constitution is people´s most valuable asset for the future. It is my aim to increase this capital. We need managers that employ technology and serve the people. Not vice versa“, states Brandes.

Other key topics of the Natural Cosmetics Conference:
• Who will succeed the pioneers?
• Insights to current core markets of organic cosmetics
• Diversity – the code to the demands of various ethnic groups

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The next Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference will be held September 25-26, 2018, at the Ellington Hotel Berlin.




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