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McDonald’s goes Cage Free

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

50% of the whole McDonald’s menu consists of chicken and eggs. Steve Easterbrook, CEO at McDonald’s has now launched a 10-year plan to switch the whole production from caged to free-range hens. Easterbrook managed the same step already as he worked in the company’s’ UK unit. But this development is not only due to an increasing open-mindedness from McDonald’s, the company could also risk to loose customers in the long run.

“There used to be a day when industrial food was viewed as safe and therefore better,” said RBC Capital Markets analyst David Palmer to Fortune. “The pendulum has swung pretty hard over to the other direction.” Instead of asking for calories, carbs and salt, consumers are now more interested in the origin of their food as well as additives.

To fulfil the complete transition to cage-free eggs, McDonald’s will have to spend an estimated amount of $7 billion.


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