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Lidl Switzerland increases sales of organic products

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A Lidl store in Switzerland.
Lidl Switzerland increased its sale of organic products the third year in a row. © Lidl Schweiz

After Lidl Switzerland was already able to record an increase in sales of organically produced food in 2020, the discounter again achieved an increase in sales in 2021. As a result, Lidl Switzerland was able to increase sales of organic products by 20 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. The company plans to expand its organic offering even further and strengthen its commitment to organic farming.

"Our organic range is growing and growing. We offer organic quality for every wallet. With our versatile and affordable range, we prove: high-quality organic products do not have to be expensive," says Andreas Zufelde, Chief Commercial Officer at Lidl Switzerland.

Expansion of the product range

In 2021, the milk and cheese range were in particular expanded to include organic products. Lidl Switzerland has also converted its organic egg range and is now focusing on Bruderhahn products.

In the last five years, Lidl Switzerland has more than tripled its organic sales. There are now over 300 organic products available in the range. In addition, Lidl Switzerland runs four major organic weeks a year, each with over 100 additional organic products.


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