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Johannes Gutmann and organic pioneers found new network

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Seven men in front of green trees.
Hermann Neuburger (HERMANN), Manfred Huber (Sonnberg), Josef Eder (Mauracher), Johannes Gutmann (Sonnentor), Günter Achleitner (Organic farm Achleitner), Gerhard Zoubek (Organic farm Adamah) and Erwin Thoma (Thoma Haus). © Sonnentor

Recently, Sonnentor-founder Gutmann met seven other entrepreneurs in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. In the future, the companies‘ heads will visit each other to learn from other business practices . In this way, a unique network of organic friends is to be created.

Not long ago, Johannes Gutmann (Sonnentor), Günter Achleitner, Josef Eder, Manfred Huber, Hermann Neuburger, Erwin Thoma and Gerhard Zoubek came together to agree on a common goal. The Austrian entrepreneurs want to form a network called "Bio-Freunde" (English: "Organic Friends") to mutually present their businesses to each other and to show how the path to a grandchildren-friendly future can be successful by doing business in the cycle of nature.

The six companies have some things in common: They are owner-managed, ecologically or sustainably operating family businesses that have proven to be resistant to all hurdles. They have shown that environmental protection and economic success are not contradictory. The initiators of the "Organic Friends" do not want to stay among themselves and invite other companies to join the exchange and learn from each other.

"We want to lead the way as encouragers and invite others to join in. With every ton of chemicals which we save the environment from and every job we secure, we are taking important steps towards a grandchildren-friendly future. Our merger will not save the world, but each of us can make a valuable contribution. Copying is definitely desired," says co-founder Johannes Gutmann.


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