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Italy: the organic farming and social network Humus introduced

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Humus Network for organic agriculture in Italy.At Biofach the Humus Network, the farming and social network for Italian organic agriculture, for quality, sustainability, and responsibility will be introduced. Join the presentaion today at 6 pm at Hall 4 Booth 361 – 469.

Organic agricultural cooperatives, associations and different other organizations operating in organic farming and in the Italian solidarity economy came together and gave birth to The Humus Network whose aim is to work together to increase both the vitality and the credibility of Italian organic agriculture.

The network’s name recalls the strong and complex concept of HUMUS, a word that we inherited from the Latin language and that means soil but also town, district. Humility also descends form HUMUS: that is why this word chosen, because from the network’ associations ‘ point of view organic farming means defending the soil’s organic fertility, the environment, nature and the dignity of its inhabitants.

From the beginning the network joined IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), it became a partner of the Leading Organic Alliance (LOA), the network of European organizations who hold national organic farming standards and it also agrees to the values that animate the Italian solidarity economy movement and Fair Trade.

The network’s partners have shared values and principle of organic agriculture and they are working in order to implement them among different productive contexts, processors and consumers. Humus has the ambition to give substance and value to the environmental, health and solidarity implications of organic agriculture and of its products. Therefore the "Humus Network Charter of principles and best practices” has been developed: it describes the project and it explains the possibility of sharing and joining to all who may be interested (agricultural producers, processors, distributors and consumers).

A hundred of Italian producers and processors are  involved

From this background Humus has started a working schedule that has already involved a hundred of Italian producers and processors which are led by operators who endorse the Humus Charter’s principles. The aim for 2018 is to involve this first pilot companies group in participatory information and education field actions, detecting and analyzing how the postulated principles can apply in the productive and distribution chain and how it may be possibole to guarantee, communicate and share them with other market operators and consumers.

Humus Network Parnters

Cooperative La Terra e il cielo, Cooperative El Tamiso, Lucano, Rete utile buono e bio, Puglia Natura, Biolitalia, Rete bio, Agricoltura biologica Calabria-ABC, Carpem naturam, Association Università Verde di Bologna, Associazione La Buona Terra, Cooperative Iris, AIAB Emilia Romagna.

Scientific Board: Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica (di Banca Etica), ISDE Italia (Associazione Medici per l’Ambiente), Centro Studi Avanzati sul Consumo e la Comunicazione dell’Università di Bologna, Associazione Bioesperti.




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