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IFOAM EU meets business: Bringing the organic food industry together

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Atomium in Brussels
The event "IFOAM EU meets business - bringing the organic food industry together“ will take place in Brussels. © Pixabay/Licya

On 30th October 2018, IFOAM EU, its Interest Group of Organic Processors and Traders (IGOP) and food companies will have the opportunity to discuss relevant topics of the organic sector, to share knowledge and exchange on best practices, to understand each other’s perspectives and most importantly to debate and shape the direction to take in the next working period at „IFOAM EU meets business – bringing the organic food industry together“.

The event will start with an introduction tot he work of IFOAM EU and IGOP. This session will be followed by a plenary on the new regulation, focusing on residues and contaminants. After this, the participants will delve into a two-round world café themed „How can the private sector contribute to a well-functioning organic supply chain and ist integrity?“ The workshops will be briefly introduced by moderators. The event will end with two presentations, the first presentation will address market development in the organic sector, the second will discuss the impacts that Brexit will have on the organic sector.

For more information about the agenda please visit the IFOAM EU website.

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