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10 years of Natrue: 5,000 products carry the label

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Natrue was founded in 2007 by pioneers of the Natural and Organic Cosmetics industry order to establish an internationally uniform standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics and eliminate confusion among consumers.

The association developed a transparent, international standard. Since then, products of over 230 manufacturers from 30 different countries carry the Natrue Label. Klara Ahlers, Natrue President says: “10 years of Natrue and over 5,000 certified products – we are proud of what we have achieved over the last years in collaboration with our partners. Our goal is to continue raising awareness of natural skin care, and to protect and promote this internationally“

The evolution of Natrue and natural cosmetics

Looking back into ten years of history the association remembers that the first product certified to the Natrue standard was a body oil. "This marked the beginning of many other products that followed suit: in 2009, 400 products were certified, followed by another 600 in 2010. Since then, the number of certified products carrying the Natrue seal has continued to grow internationally".

The variety of certified products also helped to track the evolution of natural and oganic cosmetics. Over the last eight years the product diversity, and hence the choice for consumers, has increased sharply – from hair and men care products to decorative cosmetics for the face and nails, explained Natrue. For instance, just a few years ago it was unthinkable to have a nail varnish in certified natural cosmetics quality, and yet today several Natrue certified manufacturers have launched their own nail polish lines onto the market. Furthermore, Natrue certified products now also include megatrends such as BB and CC creams, highlighters and products with natural actives.

A glimpse into the future

The natural cosmetics sector is growing stronger and more diverse than ever before. "We see the potential for this trend to continue into the future. Yet with the second part of the ISO guidelines for natural and organic cosmetics expected to be complete this year, we have so far seen from the first part a notable weakening in the definitions of natural ingredients from the stronger definitions present in current private standards, like Natrue’s", says the association.

"For Natrue, any justified use of petrochemical and GMO ingredients for natural and organic cosmetics according to these guidelines may also undermine consumers’ trust in the industry in the future. Therefore, it is crucial that natural and organic cosmetics provide the consumer with authentic end products that embody transparency and trust. Natrue is fully committed to a standard that provides high quality criteria in an international standard. for the benefit of consumers worldwide".




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