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How farmers from the Vinschgau region increase the traceability of their products

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In one click: The stories of the organic farmers from Vinschgau are online. © BioGraphy

The Val Venosta Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers in (VI.P) has presented a new project to increase the traceability of its products: “BioGraphy”. This new service enables consumers to find out everything about the origin, processing and people behind the product.

BioGraphy – How does it work?

The names of the farmers who produced the products is printed on the product packaging. When entering this name on the BioGraphy online-platform, you receive comprehensive information about the organic producer. This entails short biographies of the farmers with insights into their life stories and what has led them following organic guidelines when growing their fruit and vegetables. Picture galleries provide further insights into the work on the farm and on the apple orchards; the location of the farm is marked on an interactive map. Not only apple farmers, but also organic vegetable farmers were integrated into this project.

Around 150 organic farmers in Val Venosta region

Nowadays there are about 150 organic farmers in the Val Venosta region, who are farming in accordance with European Union guidelines as well as stricter regulations such as the principles of the associations Bioland or Demeter. Their total annual harvest comprises more than 25,000 tonnes of organic apples. According to VI.P, this means that they have become one of the largest producers of organic apples.

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