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Holle sells baby food in the USA

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Range of Holle baby food
Products from Holle: At the start in the USA, the organic manufacturer will only offer a small range. © Holle

Since spring, he organic baby food producer Holle has been selling its first products nationwide through the branches of the US supermarket chain Whole Foods. With this step, the company has taken a strategically very important step to meet the demand for organic baby food in the USA, which has been noticeable for some time, the company announced. "Holle is already represented in over 50 countries worldwide. With our US market entry, we are taking our international brand expansion significantly further forward," said Holle CEO Anne Mutter.

Holle has founded a subsidiary specifically for the expansion: The business in the USA is managed by Organic-Family GmbH, based in Teningen in southern Baden. "Our goal is to establish Holle overseas as a reliable and relevant brand in the organic baby food market," says Thorben Nilewski, Managing Director of Organic-Family. Locally, Holle products will be distributed through JSG Organics, founded in 2020, a subsidiary of US-based Jet Set Go, which specialises in importing high-quality prams and children’s seats from Europe.

To enter the market, Holle will bring milk formula made from cow's milk, A2 milk and goat's milk from twelve months onwards to shops. This will be followed by six different types of fruit and vegetable purees. After that, the product range will gradually grow, the company explained.


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