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High presence of Glyphosate in U.S. products

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According to a recent study, glyphosate in American bee honey is twice as high as the EU regulations allow. Even in organic honey. Nevertheless, Chris Sack an FDA chemist, affirms that this high amount of glyphosate residue in bee honey is “technically a violation”. Explaining later on, “the bee farmers are not breaking any laws; rather glyphosate is being introduced by the bees”, according to the Huffington Post. Some apiarists complain about tracking the level of glyphosate in their honey, when they are not the ones using the chemicals.

Previously the FDA had declined to look for glyphosate in their analyses. But the international pressure has risen since 2015 when the World Health Organization WHO declared that certain pesticides could be human carcinogen. It has only been since last February, that herbicides tests have been introduced. Since then, the existence of glyphosate has been proven in many products, among them soy and wheat samples, including products from the Quaker Oats brand. Residue has even appeared in products that are produced without the use of herbicides.

After the FDA, the USDA announced that it would start to test products for glyphosate. Whether or not this executive department will follow through with this plan remains unsure. As Organic Authority  mentions, this chemical still isn’t part of the USDA list of priorities.




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