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Gepa reports on Corona worldwide

by Leo Frühschütz (comments: 0)

Corona worldwide
symbol picture © Shutterstock/ETAJOE

Gepa, the fair trade organisation has reported on the situation for its worldwide partners from for craft enterprises as well as food producers. Their situation is very different ...

Green Net can still operate unaffected in Thailand. “In Thailand everything is okay for us so far – but precautions are a must", reports Vitoon Panyakul, the managing director of the rice supplier. However, he is concerned, "we are currently producing our own masks from organic cotton, as disposable masks are now in short supply". Reports from Vietnam and Indonesia also still sound relaxed.

Trading partners in the Philippines report restrictions in everyday life that make delivery, processing and export more difficult. Cooperatives are actively supporting people who have lost income from curfews and closures.

The situation in India, Nepal and Bangladesh is far more critical, with several craft enterprises having to close their workshops, while others are only able to produce to a limited extent. "We are distributing sufficient cash advances to the craftsmen so that they can buy essential food," writes Indro Dasgupta from Calcutta.

The contribution of Lesvos Solidarity in Greece is remarkable. The organisation is distributing wallets, soft cases, bags and rucksacks sewn by refugees on Lesbos from life jackets. Project leader Efi Latsoudi writes about the Moria camp, saying it is completely defenceless. "No measures have been taken for the refugees, except that they cannot leave the camp (only one family member at a time). With 22,000 refugees and the complete lack of any precautions, we fear the worst." In February and March there were severe attacks on the refugees and their helpers. "We are threatened more by fascism and racism than by the virus."


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