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France: Record organic area and turnover

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One of the big organic shops is Biocoop.

One of the big organic shops is Biocoop. Photo © Kai Kreuzer

With an increase of 15% over the previous year, France's organic land area grew to 1.77 million hectares. Sales rose to 8 billion euros. This is recently estimated by the organisation Agence Bio. In 2016, the figure was EUR 7.15 billion. Reasons for the growth of the organic market are seen above all in the improved availability of organic food in local shops, the expansion of the product ranges in supermarkets and the opening of many new specialty stores.

Consumption of organic products by private households will continue to rise

Organic sales are estimated at EUR 7.85 million for 2017, which is almost 4% of the total consumption of households. The organic market is the most important growth engine for the food sector. In addition, there is the catering sector. In 2017 alone, the organic market grew by 16 % or EUR 1.11 billion compared to the previous year. Between 2011 and 2016, the market for organic food in France grew by 82%.

Organic farming area and number of farms growing

In Europe, around 13.0 million hectares were managed organically in 2016. More than half of the organic areas and farms in Europe are located in four countries. France came third in 2016, after Spain (2 million ha) and Italy (1.8 million ha). Germany occupied 4th place with 1.3 million ha. 520,000 ha were in conversion in France in 2017. Statistics count 53,940 producers in the organic sector in France - processors, traders, importers and exporters - 14.5 % more than in the previous year. Among these were 36,664 organic producers, about 14 % more than in 2016, the number of farmers increased by 8.3%.







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