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France: official ban of pesticides in public green spaces

by Editor (comments: 1)

From New Year’s Day on spraying of pesticides is forbidden in France, chemicals are banned from all public green spaces, including parks, gardens and forests.

"France has a long tradition in opposition to genetically modified organisms, Monsanto, and other agrochemical companies and creations, and now they’ve decided to take it a step further", writes the online service March Against Monsanto. Environmental organizations, other NGOs, critical consumers and concerned parents are happy about that decision.

The ban has already taken effect, impacting not only city workers but also private gardener as well. Only cemeteries will still be allowed to spray the chemicals, but non-professional gardeners will not be allowed to buy pesticides. According to a video report from the website NewsBeat Social, France uses more than 80,000 tons of the chemicals per year, which makes them known as Europe’s top user of synthetic pesticides. That is a big change now.




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Comment by Angelika brady |

Banning pesticides from public spaces will benefit bees and other insects and is commendable, but will not stop the threat to our health and the danger of carcinogenic substances entering the food chain. France is taking a step forward but is missing the point here in that agriculture has been the source of developing the sprays in the first place and needs to stop there. It is food and feed grown with the use of pesticides that is ingested by humans and animals, that has the greatest impacts on our health. Vast agricultural areas are sprayed indiscriminately with a cocktail of pesticides, herbicides and biocides. Their reduction must go hand in hand with the reduction in non-agricultural areas.